With any luck my hike for this week will be accomplished tomorrow. My hike that I had planned with people for today fell through but maybe tomorrow will work out.

It would be nice if Monday I can deposit the checks, get some counter checks from the bank, and pay some other bills.

I need to get gas and change the tire out before Friday, so I don't have to do my long trip that day on a bald tire.

The writing bits I am steadily chipping at and will report when I've reached those goals.

The gnat thing is this horrible minor torment. I now have rashes and hives because of this. I think the only way out will be eventual freezing temperatures (in october, maybe?) to kill them off. (been covering this in more detail in the Buddhism forum). In the meantime I have removed all the plants from the RV and put Saran Wrap over every drain.

I also need to call my dr and beg for a meds renewal. I hate begging for my meds. I hate that they have this power over me. frown

The gnats are making me irritable...