Okay, my mechanic who fixed my radiator issues also looked at everything else in the car. Apparently my brakes are great and i could use an oil change next month.

So i suddenly don't have to plan two days around Flagstaff any time soon. Isn't that unexpectedly nice!

So my next short term goals -

1. Sir William the Bloody (grey tabby) is not growing and can't keep food down. I have a voucher for a free checkup for him for today at the 24 hour vet and will bring him in today. I will also bring in Cmdr John Crichton (red tabby) for comparison - he's twice the size, from the same litter.

Any tests i will have to pay for, but at least I can get William looked at. So this is today.

2. I am hiking to the TeePees tomorrow! smile

3. I need to deal with my RV dump tanks, which are leaking sewage - eewwww. I am letting the drip go into a container and hand carrying that to the toilet in the house to flush it down. Once it gets low enough i am going to flush out the system. I need to get a mechanic to give it a look if I intend to use that toilet again.

*I am deliberately not adding 'work' items to this short term list. I want to see what niggling/important life things i can get off my plate.*

4. I am down to a handful of checks. I need to go to the bank this week, put the account into my new address, deposit some paychecks, and order actual personal checks for my permanent address. It gives me great pride to say Permanent Address.

5. I want to bring my vision boards to my local framer for an idea he has to preserve them. That I can even consider such a low priority task is so great! Plus I can show him how i blogged about him on CampVerdeLife.com.

6. Time to refill my empty drinking water bottles in town and bring in the recycling.

7. Finish spreading mulch in the front yard.

I also have a ton of things to repair in the house and cottage, but that will need to wait for some other paychecks. The car repair and dr wiped me out for a bit. And I do not know what getting William some tests will cost.