Thanks Lisa! I got everything off my short term list except these, so will repost them:

4. I am down to a handful of checks. I need to go to the bank this week, put the account into my new address, deposit some paychecks, and order actual personal checks for my permanent address. It gives me great pride to say Permanent Address.

5. I want to bring my vision boards to my local framer for an idea he has to preserve them. That I can even consider such a low priority task is so great! Plus I can show him how i blogged about him on

6. Time to refill my empty drinking water bottles in town and bring in the recycling.

7. Finish spreading mulch in the front yard.


- The weather is starting to cool off enough to think about mulching again, so i would like to return to messing with that next week. I will do a little at a time - there is no rush, I have all fall and winter to do this. It will just look nice when done and make me feel happy about it.

- Also I need to deposit a bunch of checks. I might just do that at the ATM and not worry about getting the checks this week. I can make getting the checks deposited my goal for this week and getting new checks a goal for next week.

- Still need to deal with bringing things to the framer. Next week, of course!

- I would like to make some kind of move to take a vacation. This is really going to require sitting down to plan. Or walking around to think about. All I can envision right now is a camping trip to the North Rim before it closes for the year.

- take a walk at least five days this week. I am on track with yesterday and the night before, and I will walk this evening. SO if i get in two more walks after today, that will be good.

- get my last Blog post article for September published before Monday,
kick out a few reviews for Amazon and RunPee, and create a few press releases for some clients.

SO that's easy for the rest of the week - deposit checks and fill water bottles - both can be done at night when i am more lively. One more article and a handful of reviews and one press release.

Then next week get checks, go to the framer, spread a little mulch, get a tire changed out on my jeep, and work stuff. I will return to the work idea next week, and just focus on the things I mentioned above for this week.