We've been talking about five year goals and one year goals, but i wanted to start a thread on short term goals. maybe for a week, a month, or three months.

I'll start.

I have a new used car from craigslist that I need to have looked at. I am having issues with the radiator, for one thing. That needs a water pump and new backflow container. I have called my shadetree mechanic but have not heard back yet.

I also need to set aside time to have one of those free brake check sessions done. Those are in Flagstaff or Prescott, so it will take a whole day set aside for that. maybe I can find one that is walking distance to a bookstore or coffeeshop, or someplace with wifi. Also, maybe there are some out of town errands I can get done while there.

Same with a oil change. I want to use something like Jiffy lube, where they do a 40 point inspection free. So this will be another whole day out of town.

I have coupons for these things around. So my steps - find coupons, figure out what towns to go to, plan a few days for this, and gather stuff to work on while waiting/plan errands to run.

My timeline is: within a few days for the radiator (otherwise I am carless). And within the month of August for the oil change and brake check.

So that is one life area to attend to within the short term.