End this gnat torment.

Be totally caught up on RomanceClass.

Write Blogs articles through October.

have a hike with a friend.

Change out bad tire.

Deposit checks.

Pay more bills after checks are deposited.

Monday's Update: deposited checks, ordered new checks, got counter checks. Made plans to hike on Friday with my vet. I called my pharmacy to call my dr about renewing my prescription.

Tomorrow: If money goes through, pay electric bill($92), cable bill (52), annual RV membership bill ($120) and land taxes ($164). Two of those are monthly bills and the other two are yearly.

If the money is not through in time, I'll do the tires and get gas.

Wed - Whatever was not done Tuesday. Check and see if my Rx went through ok.

Thursday - TBD

Friday - RunPee work, hike with vet friend.

Sat/Sun - TBD

And be working on my 'work stuff' and dealing with gnats. Getting in some walking and yoga.

So I need to think about thursday and the weekend.