Yes! I was so thrilled to be outdoors and moving. And of course the hikes were so scenic. Th flagstaff one had pines and views of the peaks, and the Sedona one was red rock buttes, cottonwoods and a creek.

This Saturday, if i can manage to get up and out by 8am, there will be a kayak day on the verde river with the arizona paddle meetup group. I've already told them which local pub to hit afterward and made the offer that people can crash at my place if they want. I think most of them are coming up from Phx.

Also, someone saw my post that i am from here and sent me an email saying he lives here too and would like to hike with me!

So thankfully things are looking up with the outdoors for me.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the meetup groups. smile

Looking forward to hitting all the thrift stores with my mom! I hope she can find a lot of nice things to sell at her antique booth in San Diego. And I need my parents' advice on what to do with fixing up my home and yard. They are very good at these things.