I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. I felt the exact same way once the D&C was done. Up until that point, we still hold some tiny thought that all may be okay because our own body is not responding to the medical information we have been given. I was still very sad about the loss, but after the D&C, I found it easier to look to the future and set new hopes and goals in place. It is so hard to move on while being held in one spot, waiting for an event that is sure to be unpleasant.

My husband was great throughout this whole ordeal. He was so excited about this pregnancy and especially twins. This is a 2nd marriage for us both and he and his x-wife tried to have children for years and it never worked. He thought it was all him...turns out it was not just him afterall. We did achieve our pregnancy through the help of an infertility specialist using IUI. So there was a lot of effort put forth here. But he was supportive and wonderful through it all, even though he was sad too. By the time we had the D&C....he was ready to get his "wife back" as he told me. Once I was feeling good again (it only took about 2 days after D&C)....I made a date for us where we both put on nice clothes, fancied up and went out to a nice dinner. I drank a glass of wine for the 1st time in 10 weeks and ate ceasar salad dressing without worrying about any raw egg ingredients. We had to find our silver linings we found them with each other. Afterall, that is where the magic began...right?

What I am trying to say is...don't be afraid to go on living. There are beautiful things ahead for you...including children. We talk about our little babies and we miss the magic they brought to a short period in our lives...but we talk just as much about our future babies and how that magic can repeat itself and bring better things. We are moving ahead with another round of fertility treatments once my body gets back on track. Now the hard part is being patient. I'm not so good at that.

Sending much love your way.


Mary...hope you are doing well...haven't seen any new posts from thoughts are with you.