Hi there,

I just wanted to share my story because when I was looking for information and I couldn't find any. When I was almost 13 weeks pregnant I found out by ultrasound that I was having a miscarriage called a blight ovum. My body was showing no signs of miscarriage (bleeding or cramping). At that point, once everything was confirmed and my hormone levels were dropping I was told I'd probably have to have something called a D&C in order to remove the contents of the uterus since my body didn't seem to be taking care of things naturally. They figured the fetus died at 9.5 weeks so it was surprising that nothing was happening yet. I'm into natural health so I was not excited about the D&C option so I put it off long enough so that I could try to help things along naturally and let my body take care of things when the time was right. But I wasn't willing to wait forever so I booked the D&C for 2 weeks later. In the mean time I seached the internet for what I could do and found information on herbs that help you expell the contents of the uterus. I had lots of hot baths in epsom salts and exercised a fair bit. I took some herbs for about 5 days and then decided that that felt like enough. I talked to my body and let it know that it was okay to release, I was ready to move on. Then the day before I was booked in for the D&C I started bleeding light at first and then boom, it came on really heavy. I went to the hospital because that was what I was told to do if I started bleeding that heavy. I was having crazy cramps for about an hour and then I passed something (you would know it when it happened) when I went to the bathroom. My cramping eased right off after that and the bleeding lightened up a lot (I maybe bled heavy for 2 hours). I had an ultrasound which showed that I had expelled everything! I was so relieved. So happy that I had given my body the chance to take care of everything on it's own and it pulled through! The women's body truly is amazing! If anyone has any questions or is going through the same thing I would be happy to share more.

Take care,