When i had my miscarriage, my gyn didnt want to do a D&C because of my bleeding disorder. She was afraid i might bleed out, she also told me that it look like my body was taking care of everything. I was about 14 weeks pregant when i miscarried. I told told i would start bleeding heavier and if the bleeding got really bad i was to call them. I had a schedule appt 4 days later and my mom was coming with me 4 hours before my appt. I was having really bad cramping. Worst pain i have every had. I began passing very large blood clots. My mom called the office and they push my appt up and told me to come in now. Within 10 minutes of leaving home, I started to hemmorage badly. They had to do an emerancy D&C. I lost so much blood and i was still bleeding. My blood pressure was high to. i was admitted into the hopital.The doctor who perform the D&C kept asking why this wasnt done 4 days ago. My mom is a nurse and said she can handle anything but when it comes to ur owe child its scary. She said that they saved my life that day.