I have a couple small businesses at home that I try to keep up with, along with a 3.5-year-old daughter.

For almost 6 years I've been digitizing designs for computerized embroidery. Embroidery shops are my customers. Since I'm not trying to grow this business, I don't actually have a web site for it.

For the last 2 years I've had a humorous greeting card line. Most of the cards have photos that illustrate common phrases, such as "Baby Boomer" and "Pot of Gold." Many of the pictures include our daughter (or her butt). They are in about 45 retail stores in 8 states. I also personalize them for party invitations.

My newest venture is making clocks from old games, as a way to remind myself and others to take time to play. It's a great creative outlet for me and we've been discovering, playing and having a blast with the games.

I spend most of my time learning, trying to market the greeting cards and thinking about what I want to do with the clocks.

Thank goodness my Mom keeps our daughter about half the day so I can get some work done!