Hi - my name is Laura and I run a few businesses from my home.

1. is a gift basket business - www.agiftfromyourheart.com
2. I work with local schools in our area and offer discounted t-shirts for gym (our children have to have their name on the shirt it counts for part of the grade)
3. Web design, I've created 2 websites for my own businesses and then it just caught on, people liked my work and then I got referrals.

In the past I ran a business called part time jobs for full time moms.com, the only problem was I did it on donation basis due to the fact that usually people hate seeing the word "buy" on a website for consulting - so I would consult, mothers would never donate, so I looked into other things.

I've also had a cleaning business. Its great to get your hands into many different things if you are that type of person.

If anyone needs any advice, please let me know laura@agiftfromyourheart.com