I do a lot of different things. The combination is changing all the time. I call my business Venerable Bead and Loomatic A'Stylin'. Venerable Bead was supposed to be my jewellery business since all my jewelry involves beads, and Loomatic A'Stylin' (doesn't anyone get the pun on lunatic asylum?) was supposed to be my weaving business, with the textile design and teaching and writing just done under my name. But I was listed in a local brochure as VB&LAS (the whole long name) and folks seemed to find it intriguing, so I decided to go with the whole thing, except for my website. It's too long for that.

Anyhow... at the moment it consists of selling my jewelry at a few galleries and shows (so far no website sales), giving some workshops, and developing my website and 3 blogs, which have so far produced a commission to set up a friend's website (a business I did not intend to go into!)

I'm also considering being an agent for myself and other local artisans since I read that indie shops love agents who come to them because it saves them time spent at trade shows and used up by the artisans coming in one by one. And, of course, I fantasize about getting together with other artisans for a line of all-handmade clothing and accessories, and for setting up a studio/teaching/performing/gallery/cafe/materials shop type venue.

I'm full of ideas and short on money, so I follow up any opportunity that lets me take forward any one of my "projects" within my budget.


I welcome comments on my website.