Hi everyone

I've been working as a successful Virtual Assistant from home since 2002. I use all my admin and secretarial skills and really enjoy it.

It's not to be confused with data entry or envelope stuffing scams!

I basically freelance as an assistant to any company who needs an extra pair of hands, but doesn't need me to be on-site. The kind of work I do involves: customer support, dealing with email, handling orders, updating websites, typing, formatting documents, designing brochures, flyers, research, editing and proofreading and any number of other tasks.

Most of my clients hadn't even heard of or worked with a Virtual Assistant before. Once they did hear about the benefits of outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant, they jumped on board pretty much straight away. That means that the number of potential clients out there is huge, once business owners learn about the concept and how much time it saves them.

If anyone's interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant, I've written a free ebook 'The 7 Things You MUST Know Before Starting Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business' which anyone can download at:


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Lisa Taliga, Virtual PA
Earn an income from home by using your admin and secretarial skills
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