I have several businesses that I run from my home and that enable me to be self supporting.
I started them whilst caring for my mom during her illness ~ I was the sole caregiver 24/7/365 for 3 years. After mom passed away I decided to stay with it and devote more hours to it than I care to divulge. However, anything good is worth the work, IMHO. It's paid off because this year I finally came out in the black with a profit, not the red. WooHoo!

My businesses are:

  • fashion jewelry designer
  • wedding and prom jewelry designer
  • textile and fiber product and pattern designer ~ LOL translate = crochet and cross stitched baby clothes and accessories, women's fashion accessories, and cross stitch patterns
  • website and ebay store designer
  • marketing and SEO service provider
  • nature photographer
  • local antiques dealer

I've had more than my share of 20 hour days, however after a long time things settled down and now I work a more or less "normal" week but it's intense. However, I like the diversification in what I do and that's what helps me keep not only my interest in it but also the money coming in........ when one thing slows down another always picks up. I don't like boxing myself in a corner with just one or two things.

I'm very happy working for myself, essentially I'm working for my clients, of course! I would never trade this for going back to work for someone in an office or wherever unless the bottom had fallen hopelessly out of everything.

It's a nice life, hard work but I'm ok with that.