[color:" purple"]I actually have 2 businesses that I do out of my home.

The first one is selling Avon. I also have a website that I sell Avon from (Avon Representative Michelle Barboza ). I am trying to figure out new & different ways to increase my customer base as I just started this about a month ago, and it's been slow starting.

My other business is tarot readings out of my home. I can do them face-to-face (provided you are in the Oklahoma City area) or online via email or instant messenger. For readings online, I take payment via paypal. I have a website (Purple Dragonfly Tarot Readings ) that explains a little about me and my background.

In the past, I used to clean homes (independently, not through a company) for extra money, and offering hand-crafted items, such as cross-stitched items and crocheted items like afghans. I am considering starting both of them up again too, to help supplement my limited income due to disability. [/color]

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[color:" purple"]~Chelle/WillowRaven

The most important thing is to be whatever you are without shame.
-Rod Steiger [/color]