Oooh, Michianna, what an interesting topic!

A Career of Projects is how I describe what I do. (The link is to my blog post on the subject.)

I write. A lot. Nonfiction articles, website content, and the occasional business writing.

I take on a few Business Coach clients, that I feel are truly motivated. I'm super selective about who I take on, though. I want the clients that are truly ready to design their life to be what they really want. A lot of folks will say they're ready, but they don't want to do the work.

I do graphic design. You wouldn't know it from the lack of graphics on my blog, but I do that too.

I produce events. Like Disaster Training for emergency personnel. (Although, that may not count as from home, as I tend to travel for those.)

I fix up my house. In fact, I often have to take my laptop to a coffee shop to get writing done, to not sidetrack myself with refinishing cabinets and the like.

I perform. (Acting, Comedy, Dance, Juggling. Fire juggling comes next!) The business of which is done from home.

I lead workshops & events. The business of which is also done from home.

I know this sounds like way too much for one person, but I'm not doing everything on one day. I just wanted to illustrate the variety of projects that make up my business. The business of being Me is certainly a fun one!

Oh, and last but not least, I recently joined BellaOnline as the Business Coach Editor. I'm super excited about that. I like the idea of being able to help so many people at one time to create a life's work that really fits who they are and their own passions.