Priorities! That is a tough one. I run with the things that I am passionate about, when I am passionate about them. My mom was the same. Dust bunnies are bunnies too.

I understand that I will (sadly) never have a �sparkling� house. (without a maid) I force myself to run through routines. I do this quickly so I can get on with my life. And I sometimes get them done Before things Really look like they need some doing. Add to the mix that I have one child that is really disorganized. He drops everything, everywhere. I think that I will work on his organizing skills, instead of picking up after him.

I moved a few months ago from the country, where no one ever rang my door bell to an affluent area of a large town. My door bell rings often and unexpectedly. (We are not Well Off, we got a good buy when prices of all houses, in all areas, were way up. A sensible purchase.) The point is a lady, my senior by 15 or so years, lives in an amazing mansion around the corner. We have become friends and I have discovered that she thinks dust bunnies have a right to life, too.

A friend of mine had a maid once. To get her money�s worth she never touched a toy. They stayed where they dropped for a week! At some point she came to terms with that not being healthy for anyone, and went back to cleaning her own house.

I think when I am striving in a healthy, happy way it is easier to give up some of my precious time. House chores are then a �self wind down time� for me. It�s all the perspective you take, or can take.