I believe the test you are referring to is the one the schools offer. His name is on the years long waiting list. So I went to the doc as I was told I could get it that way. No, but they will prescribe pills. A psychologist will do the test for around 3500$ if I chose to go that route. However helpful the info is to me, it won't change teaching styles and I don't feel confident that the test results would give me useable info. They are used in schools to allow your child to get a reduced amount of questions on a test, etc. which is important while a child is struggling.

My whole experience as a school mom has included talks with my kids as to why they can't have all that food [censored] that their friends get. It is one big frustration for everyone of us.

That is how some junk creeps in, so you don't always feel like Orgre Mom. And, so they will eat something at school. We know the clothing labels peer pressure. Well, food lines have pressure too. You really don't want to be the weird kid with the wholesome looking food. They solve that one by not taking it out of the backpack! So the problem becomes eat (not perfect)something or nothing.