Hello back,
No actually the NEPSY is done by a neuropsychatrist � the school will not do that � and, yes, it is extremely expensive.. What it does is allow you to go to the school to get an IEP (Individualized Education Plan), and if ADD is detected, then you qualify for a 504 Plan, which gives you a way to get modifications and accommodations (that you'll have to monitor and update yearly with the school, same with an IEP). This all falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act, so it is a legal document.

As for the school food issue, yes, that is hard. But I will say this (as the mom of a teen), if parents don't start enforcing their family's values and beliefs early on, and what is OK and not OK in their family, they will have a very hard time indeed when kids become teens and start to face making choices about drinking,smoking, pot and sex. I am the ogre mom at times (in a loving way, and with the understanding that kids do experiment), but that, I believe, is my job. If my kid starts in with the "everyone else's mom says..." I just shut that right down!