I use my debit card online because it has a VISA symbol.

If you should decide to homeschool, I do homeschool consulting. I don't want to sound like an ad, but this is something I do. I live in FL and just had a consultation with a mom in Boston the other day. Homeschooling sounds like a wonderful option for your son. Don't underestimate yourself. And remember that homeschooling is NOT abou recreating school and sitting at the kitchen table for 6 hours a day.. That's one of the biggest misconceptions. You'll find you can accomplish the same amount and better meet his needs in only an hour or two a day, leaving time for him to be a kids and pursue his interests. See yourself as the FACILITATOR for his learning (keeping his learning style and interests in mind) and he will succeed.

As for labels, when you're getting started, ignore the box with the RDA information and percentages. What you care about is just the straight ingredient list on the back. And ignore the text that's on the front of the box or package. Once again, go to the back and read the ingredient list. Looking for additives like high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes. If you can't pronounce it (or if you have to try to hard), it's probably not good. If the ingredient list is miles long, it's definitely not good.

Have you read my article on improving your diet gradually?

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