Ok, it's a little tricky on this site so bear with me.

1) Go to http:

And make an account.

2) Then upload all the photos you want.

3) After uploading click on the photo you want to show here, and on the right, you have to copy "Direct" under links to share this photo.

It will look like this:


But that is the ' raw ' link. You have to put it inside something here to recognize it.

Then go to "My Stuff" above, "Edit Profile" and at the very bottom it will say "URL to your avatar" click on that button then paste the 'raw link' in the box and click "Submit".

That will put the picture where I have mine.


When you reply choose Reply or Full Reply window not quick reply .

On the full reply window right above where I'm typing now, is a row of icons starting on the left with a smiley.

The 4th one down from left to right is "Enter a Image".

I usually enter center floating, then a box will come up to put the link in.

Then you get this after you preview the post: