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I went to visit the kitty today.

I had no karma with him. He had a cold and aniti's...made me feel uneasy. He was beautiful but wasn't for me! That was hard turning down a baby kitten. But I know it was right!

It is amazing how the perfect cat (or any animal really) just resonates with you.

The way we adopted our Trouble was we went looking a black kitten. We went to the humane society, and I knew exactly what I had in mind. My husband even found the perfect kitten, black and fluffy, and I was walking down the row to go see it when this little grey paw stuck out from it's cage and snagged my sweater. I looked in and it was love at first sight.

The kitten wasn't even officially up for adoption, because the officer who brought her in said she was "not friendly" and "not ready for people". That kitten rolled around in my arms playing with my hair and earrings, and we were like "this is not friendly?" They went ahead and let us adopt her.

"And the greatest of these is Love"
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