Yeah, it was quite a journey... to say the least. It is the only condition other than a serious crime where they can strip you of your civil liberties and work you in a modern day slave labor camp legally. They called it a 'sheltered workshop' and it is signed by the Secretary of Labor:

Note the term sub-minimum wages...


I worked 80 hours bi-weekly and got a whopping $15 !!!

After they took 70% of my SSI for living expenses.

Happy, Happy, Joy Joy !!

But, heck that was in the dark deep past of 1992.. whatta ya gonna do ?

I'm not looking for sympathy, it's just a serious illness and the part of your brain that tells you you are sick is sick and you think you're fine.

Pretty neat Cosmic Joke huh?!

These days, I have to sit for hours and just work through my psychology, day in -- day out.

Many hours just quiet thinking.

The biggest battle I have now is quite frankly staying in the now.

Part of the illness makes me regurgitate the past with all of the woulda, coulda shouldas -- very unhealthy.

It's interesting to note that you got Dx at 20, most gals usually don't get it kicking in until their 30's.

Got mine at 16.

Man what a cluster-chuck. We all thought it was just teenage BS, but then I went into the hospital at 22, 23, 27, 30, 33... yuck !

I'm just soooo glad it's pretty much over and handled with meds... but so is my youth.

I still feel 17 inside but bod is talkin' 51 .

Yeah, had some pretty freaky moments with the schizophrenic component, but now everyone is saying that it was a legitimate mystical experience... why didn't someone prepare me?


This guy does a good job at explaining what the frig happened and why: