Please accept my apologies for not getting the photos posted. I was about to head out and the TV show on the Georgia Guide Stones had come on and I sat down to watch the end. I fell asleep the first time I tried to watch it and the same thing happened again yesterday evening. I need to get the DVD of that show for when I'm fighting insomnia smile I was sitting on the couch and the next I knew it was after 10pm. Already comfortable, I just stayed on the couch with all the windows open.

At about 6am I was awakened suddenly. I think all birds have a variety of calls. When a hawk is threatened by something, that call is very distinctive, high pitched and LOUD. Apparently our babies learned this call around 6am. In the still of the early morning, it was echoing and sounded like they were on the ground next to the window. Barely awake, I rushed out the back door to our best vantage point and both were standing in the nest, facing North, and screaming their little heads off.

I don't know if Momma Hawk was late with breakfast or what. I couldn't see any threats to the nest. Poppa Woodpecker was already up too. There is a hollow limb in our camphor tree. When he pecks on it, the echoes are so loud it sounds like rapid gunfire. It's 6am, I'm standing in the middle of the yard, barely awake, trying to check the babies, and he picks that precise moment to let loose on that limb!

Oh well, if any neighbors were up, they already know we're crazy. Seeing me in the backyard looking up and then ducking to avoid "bullets" wouldn't be that unusual.

Jane Winkler, Editor
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