Went out for this afternoon's nest watch. The first chick we saw stays on the Southern side of the nest. The second chick stays on the North and the reason we didn't see it immediately.

So until the official naming poll results, they are temporarily nicknamed Rebel and Yankee. Please don't anyone be offended with these. My family tree has every color leaf, red, yellow, black, and white. I was raised in South Carolina, my husband was raised in Conneticut. We're a mixed up bunch and the nest is in our yard. Anyway, it's fine to name one's offspring after a Grandparent, so one after me (Rebel) and one after my husband (Yankee). I have no idea what we'll do if a 3rd head pops up smile

Rebel was napping on the South side of the nest. Yankee was trying to figure out what these "wing" things are and bumped Rebel, who responded with a wing whack. It was so precious! Kids are kids, regardless of legs, arms, or wings.

Yesterday morning as I was getting the cooler out for the Diversity Fair I got to see Momma Hawk serving breakfast. I didn't have the binoculars, but it sure looked like one of my lizards. Everything is a Circle and that includes the Circle of Life.

We're planning another photo shoot tomorrow. I need to find a helmet and call Walgreens to make sure their machine is still working.

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