Posted By: Jane - Native American Hawk Nest Watch - 05/15/11 08:57 PM
Yes, I'm an obsessive "grandparent" with "our" baby hawk. Photos are forthcoming as soon as the film gets developed tomorrow. Our standard camera takes great pictures and has a much stronger zoom.

Went out back around 2pm for the scheduled "Nest Watch," and Momma Hawk was there with the baby. Grabbed the camera and after a few shots decided to grab the ladder. By that time my husband had joined me and took the heavy ladder to set up. I was going to use it for a higher vantage point from the backyard. But he decided to get on the roof and used a whole roll of film.

After reloading film and returning, two mockingbirds began pestering Momma Hawk. Chasing them off, she flew right over my husband's head, so close he heard the swoosh of air from her wings. He was so excited with picture taking, he didn't "take" the hint. A few moments later he saw the shadow and looked up from the view finder with only an instant for his brain to register "This is going to hurt!"

I was standing in the mud room and heard, "Alright, Alright, I'm done, I'm done!" from the roof. I stuck my head out the backdoor and asked if he was OK. He's coming down the ladder and exclaims "I just got touched by a hawk!" Momma Hawk flew so close over his head her tail feathers brushed his hair. It wasn't just air that time. The photo shoot was over!

The nest is high in a tree at the very front of our yard. Even on the roof, my husband was several hundred feet away. One should never venture closer than that to a hawk. They can be very dangerous, especially when injured or threatened. Their talons can rip right through your skin. They aren't small, with wing spans averaging one meter. Hawks are also protected by Federal law. The fines for disturbing or harming them are steep and another reason to always maintain a safe distance.

When a hawk is flying straight at your head, their wing span looks more like 3 meters! For the next photo shoot from safe distance, I think my husband will be crouching. Standing on the roof, he was too tempting a target.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/15/11 09:00 PM
OMGosh! It is fortunate your husband was not thrown off balance which could have caused a fall.

I can hardly wait for the pictures.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/15/11 11:18 PM
Our roof is pitched in the front and the family room addition on the back has an almost flat roof. He was on that flat portion, thankfully, and farther from the nest. He got a few good shots of Momma Hawk sitting in a tree across the street too.

I'll try to get the photos done in the morning. I can't wait to see them either!

The baby was so active during the photos. It would stand up and spread its wings and then topple slightly to one side. It was like it was trying to figure out what those things are. Momma Hawk was watching carefully from her perch across the street and flew back to the nest frequently to settle baby down.
Posted By: Tuculia, Daughters Editor Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/15/11 11:30 PM
You gotta love it! Keep us informed!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 12:24 AM
When I got to Walgreens this afternoon their machine was in pieces and the repair guy was 3 hours late! But the folks there are so great and our prints were ready by supper. As you know, my husband took the photos and has granted permission for their use.

Momma Hawk in the nest

That little white blob with dark spots for eyes is our baby. It's clearer in the print. I was hopeful being on the roof would get a better picture. But that's as close as we can get and the best we can do with our equipment.

Those wing things are a little tricky for balancing right now!

We're going to take photos every 4 to 5 days until our little one sets out on its own. They grow up so fast, and we'll be "empty nesters" again in no time.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 01:49 AM
How precious. Thank you so much, Jane, for showing us your little family. �Mitakuye oyasin,� (Lakota) we are all One, we are all related in the sacred hoop of life.
Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 07:13 AM
Oh, I am so greatful!

They are beautiful. To have such a Spirit, comfortable in your own back yard, it really brings to the forefront balance of nature...

It is these types of events that keep me going. All of the wars and propeganda of wealths, power and money, they're just so empty and regardless of their names or what they promise to do for the little people, you know, it's that little head you captured able to survive without any political help and it's that Spirit that gives at least my mind wings that make sense to fly with.

Thank you Jane! smile
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 03:14 PM
You are so very welcome! I'm not certain why I have such an affinity with hawks, but it began back in the 80's after the loss of a loved one. I started seeing them everywhere and felt comforted each time. They must feel pretty comfortable with me as well. We had nests just as close to our house when we lived in Charleston, SC in the early 90's.

When I travel, even a short distance, they swoop in front of the car, or "call" to me silently from a perch. I'll turn my head for no reason, and one will be there watching. I've often wondered if Hawk is one of my animal guides, but I don't recall ever being visited in a dream. That would be special!

At the very least, Hawk is a travel companion, and seems to be with me every moment. In 1987 the band Pink Floyd did a video of their song "Learning to Fly." It features a young Indian man taking the leap to flight. It's strange. I am so afraid of high places, but have longed for the sensation of flight all my life. This video is so accurate in portraying the desire.

Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly"

"Can't keep my eyes off the circling sky..."
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 07:02 PM
It just keeps getting better! This afternoon's Nest Watch included a surprise. Another little white blob popped up.


With both of them active, the next photo shoot will be a good one. I can't wait!
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 07:09 PM
Twins! This is wonderful!!!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 07:22 PM
We're going to need some name suggestions. They need to be unisex ones I guess. These hawks stay around for a while and Momma Hawk is no longer "the girl" from summer's past.

Please give me some suggestions, while I grab the binoculars! My husband will be so excited.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 07:36 PM
Smoky and the Bandit?

You should run a contest to see who comes up with the best names.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 09:51 PM
That is such a great idea, it's a shame it will have to wait. I'm still an Editor Trainee, but I will double check on it.

In the interim, I'll keep a list of all suggestions.
Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/17/11 10:31 PM
I have had that experience too, the swooping of the hawk.

Maybe everyone does, but my ex made the comment, "Everytime I drive with you there's either one above us or keeping pace along side of the car.

I thought you might have more than one baby up there. I'll bet the more you watch them, their personlities will come to surface and their names will come to you. Like "Runs with hidden talon..." or "Keeper of nest all to self"
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/19/11 12:23 PM
Two more name suggestions:

first born
(Cherokee for Mighty Warrior, because he was born during the fires, braved the smoke, and survived)

second born
(Cherokee for Beloved, because he was such a welcome surprise)

Here is a site for Cherokee names and meanings:
Cherokee Baby Names and Meanings
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/20/11 12:18 AM
Name suggestions are coming in from all four directions! Phyllis, I really like the ones you just posted, but it won't be up to me.

Let's get a few more suggestions and then we'll do a poll.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/20/11 02:59 AM
This is exciting! I wonder how many names those babies will get from all the people who are watching for news on them.

From my limited vocabulary of the Lakota language:

Cante waste nape ciyuzapo. (I greet you from my heart) Cokata hiyupo apetu iyohila. (Come to the center daily). And catch up on the news of the little chay-dahns (Hawks).

Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/20/11 09:00 PM
Went out for this afternoon's nest watch. The first chick we saw stays on the Southern side of the nest. The second chick stays on the North and the reason we didn't see it immediately.

So until the official naming poll results, they are temporarily nicknamed Rebel and Yankee. Please don't anyone be offended with these. My family tree has every color leaf, red, yellow, black, and white. I was raised in South Carolina, my husband was raised in Conneticut. We're a mixed up bunch and the nest is in our yard. Anyway, it's fine to name one's offspring after a Grandparent, so one after me (Rebel) and one after my husband (Yankee). I have no idea what we'll do if a 3rd head pops up smile

Rebel was napping on the South side of the nest. Yankee was trying to figure out what these "wing" things are and bumped Rebel, who responded with a wing whack. It was so precious! Kids are kids, regardless of legs, arms, or wings.

Yesterday morning as I was getting the cooler out for the Diversity Fair I got to see Momma Hawk serving breakfast. I didn't have the binoculars, but it sure looked like one of my lizards. Everything is a Circle and that includes the Circle of Life.

We're planning another photo shoot tomorrow. I need to find a helmet and call Walgreens to make sure their machine is still working.
Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/20/11 09:10 PM
Thanks for the update Jane. You're right, kids will be kids, hooves, wings, flippers, paws and all.

Everytime I've watched nature's birthing cycle, I've not once observed it without many of the same characteristics as human beings. Minus the fur or wings, if I stuck a human head on one of them, it's difficult to see the differences in behavior.

BTW I LOVE the names you've chosen. It's a stretch that someone out there could be offended, but all walks of life I suppose. I think they're brilliant!!! wink
Posted By: Deb - Animal Life Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/20/11 09:11 PM
Love the names! They have meaning and connection to you, which is important. What kinds of hawks are they? I'd love to see pictures of them.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/20/11 10:40 PM
They are Red Shouldered Hawks (slightly smaller than Red Tail Hawks). They have lovely barred feathers when seen from beneath and their range is from the bottom tip of Texas up to Minnesota and all points east. They also have some California "cousins."

With wings being spread and whacked, we can already see the darker feathers coming in. Yesterday my husband was telling Chief Martin about our babies. He commented we have some "Good Medicine" at our house. I couldn't agree more. Watching these little ones grow in the midst of all the turmoil here and around the world is life affirming.

This is a photo of the ACTUAL Grandmother, mother of "The Girl" who is now "Momma Hawk." With a third generation, we definitely need better names. I got confused trying to type that sentence smile
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 05:35 AM
Well my husband added his 2 cents about the nicknames I had chosen based on nest positions and 2 of the four directions. Our temporary nicknames now have nicknames "Yank" for my husband and "Reb" for me. What do you want to wager that Yank is a female and Reb is a male? It would be quite normal for us to get it backwards smile

Another roof top photo shoot in the morning. We're going to try the digital camera too for faster posting ability. The nest gets unobstructed sunlight from the east. I hoping that will help with clarity.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 06:04 AM
Chief Martin is right -- you do have Good Medicine at your home.

I love the names Rebel and Yankee. You will enter those names into the poll, I hope. Have you gotten more suggestions in from readers?

Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 04:35 PM
We're up to 6 suggested name pairs. We'll keep it open for another week. My husband was back on the roof this morning. Momma Hawk took off after some pesky crows. This photo shoot was without incident.

Rebel's feathers are getting quite dark and little Yankee's head is still quite white. We'll be posting photos shortly. They are still too little to get a good shot with the digital camera. so it's back to Walgreens this afternoon. The photo techs there are as excited as we are to see new baby pictures.
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 08:14 PM
Oh wow oh wow!!! Simply gorgeous picture!! You are so blessed to have this wild beauty so close by! You definitely draw trust to you, evidenced by the birds presence and letting you share the birth of their new babies! Thanks so much for sharing this beauty!
Posted By: Mona - Astronomy Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 08:56 PM
Jane, your hawkwatch is beautiful and exciting.

A friend of mine has had a nestbox for blue tits for many years. Recently I've been agog seeing the parents coming and going and hearing the chicks all shouting me-me-me. One year I happened to be visting when the chicks fledged. I was gazing out the window (lovely view) and suddenly there was a blur. And then another. I doubt I'll be lucky enough to see the current family fledge.

But hawks, wow! Even more amazing. I noticed one of your postings about mommy hawk chasing a crow away. Just this evening I saw a crow really annoying a heron. Crows are sometimes rather human - and I don't mean humans at their best - in their ways!

Looking forward to hearing more about the hawks. And BTW congratulations on becoming a full editor!

PS For those not aquainted with them, here is a drawing of a blue tit. They are quite small birds.

Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 09:04 PM
Thanks Mona, love the rendering. I'm off to Walgreens and should have photos posted this evening.
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/21/11 09:05 PM
Such a pretty little bird!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/22/11 05:04 PM
Please accept my apologies for not getting the photos posted. I was about to head out and the TV show on the Georgia Guide Stones had come on and I sat down to watch the end. I fell asleep the first time I tried to watch it and the same thing happened again yesterday evening. I need to get the DVD of that show for when I'm fighting insomnia smile I was sitting on the couch and the next I knew it was after 10pm. Already comfortable, I just stayed on the couch with all the windows open.

At about 6am I was awakened suddenly. I think all birds have a variety of calls. When a hawk is threatened by something, that call is very distinctive, high pitched and LOUD. Apparently our babies learned this call around 6am. In the still of the early morning, it was echoing and sounded like they were on the ground next to the window. Barely awake, I rushed out the back door to our best vantage point and both were standing in the nest, facing North, and screaming their little heads off.

I don't know if Momma Hawk was late with breakfast or what. I couldn't see any threats to the nest. Poppa Woodpecker was already up too. There is a hollow limb in our camphor tree. When he pecks on it, the echoes are so loud it sounds like rapid gunfire. It's 6am, I'm standing in the middle of the yard, barely awake, trying to check the babies, and he picks that precise moment to let loose on that limb!

Oh well, if any neighbors were up, they already know we're crazy. Seeing me in the backyard looking up and then ducking to avoid "bullets" wouldn't be that unusual.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/22/11 06:03 PM
What a delightful story, Jane. At first I was very concerned about your Hawk babies. Then realized they were probably just hungry. At least you made it safely back inside. Poppa Woodpecker sure is dedicated to his work. Glad to know the babies are alright.

Get some rest and give my greetings to all your beloved critters.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/22/11 07:55 PM
Here is "Rebel" squawking as usual. Their little personalities are showing. It's amazing how quickly their feathers are growing and getting darker.

"Yankee" was camera shy yesterday and we only got one decent shot of their two heads. His little white head is on the right.

These photos were taken by my husband and are used with his permission.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/22/11 07:59 PM
I wish I could have got a shot of them standing up in the nest this morning. But half sleep and tumbling off the roof is not the best way to start a Sunday morning smile

The nest is built up higher on all sides but the southern one. However as I was returning from getting the photos, I could see one standing in the nest from the car.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/24/11 01:29 AM
Jane, I just cannot thank you enough for sharing this blessing with all of us. To be a part of the joy is such a wonderful experience.

Rebel sure lives up to his name. I can almost hear his call.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/24/11 02:20 PM
Breakfast this morning is a nice fat green snake!! Went out the front door to check on the ruckus and Momma Hawk was in the nest. Rebel was standing on the southern edge and raising "Cain"

I got a few shots from below the nest, in the street. Got at least one horn honk too smile Went to the back yard with the binoculars just in time to see Yankee swallowing a piece of snake almost as big as him. I wonder if Momma Hawk knows the Heimlich Maneuver? She came close to needing it.

Momma Hawk lifted the snake with her beak to reposition it in the nest. She was preparing breakfast as fast as she could. Yankee likes to hang out deep in the nest, closer to the food preparation, so he got the big piece. Rebel was not too happy about it. I so wish I could get up on the roof right now. But if I do, my husband will be the one raising "Cain."
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/24/11 03:02 PM
Sounds like Yankee and Rebel are going to be some really big Hawks if they keep eating like that. Poor Momma Hawk -- to have two fast growing babies who are always hungry and squawking for more.

Oh, I am so happy that you and your husband are experiencing this blessing that Creator made possible.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/25/11 02:05 PM
With their little tummies completely full, it was so quiet here yesterday. The chicks spent most of the day napping after the morning's feast. Our little guys know the sound of a car door in the year. A friend came over with her daughters around 3pm. They hadn't reached the front porch before two little heads were peeping over the nest's edge to see who was there.

My husband came home a short while later. Dashed into the house, grabbed the camera, and dashed back out. We'll finish up the film Friday morning and hope to have more photos this weekend.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/26/11 02:29 PM
I cannot believe how fast these chicks are growing. Their breast feathers are already coming in. With the binoculars I can see the brown with black stripes on the upper portion.
This morning there was a clear distinction in their calls. Rebel's has a much deeper pitch now. He's a little bigger, so that might be the correct pronoun to use.

We'll probably have just 2 or 3 more weeks of beautiful noise before we are "empty nesters" again.

If you have a suggestion for their names, please post it here in the forum before Friday night. You can also submit them on my Bio page. We'll be voting next week!
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/27/11 04:22 AM
Oh I can hardly wait for more pics! You are so very blessed!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/28/11 03:28 AM
Well our little guys may end up local celebrities. Called the newspaper on just a whim. They sent a reporter yesterday and he climbed on the roof with his huge lens.

When he called this morning, I thought he had a quick question, but he was calling to say the article was printed in TODAY's edition. Our little paper only publishes twice a week and only covers local news.

We were on our way to help set up for a wedding tomorrow, so we stopped by the post office. I don't know if I should be pleased or seriously ticked off. This was the Friday edition before Memorial Day and we have a local military base. Today's front page included a major property foreclosure, a meeting about tourism, and the Fun in the Sun Expo tomorrow.

Just below the fold - a picture of Rebel and Yankee and a really nice write up. Oh yes, there was a photo of the Navy band who will be performing at the Expo.

The reporter is relatively new to the paper and I'm happy he got a front page article. However, I really wish it had been focused on honoring our fallen heros. Now, I'm a proud grandma, but I question the priorities with this.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/28/11 01:04 PM
While we were up in Jesup GA yesterday afternoon there was a nasty storm with hail at our house. A neignbor called as we were leaving to let us know. Fortunately, we missed the bad weather on our return drive.

Our little guys are fine. Checked on them first thing this morning. They haven't started yelling for breakfast yet, but are standing in the nest looking around. This is the second storm with hail these babies have survived, not to mention all the smoke when they hatched.

These little ones are survivors!
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/28/11 03:42 PM
wow Jane,

You'd think they'd recognize those that serve our country and fight for our daily freedoms. The ones who have passed, the ones currently away from family and those who will serve. You'd think at least for Memorial day the topic would be appropriate.

I don't begrudge your cute grandbirdies some print time but, I agree, it definitely should have been another priority.

I'm sure Rebel and Yankee will continue to thrive around the good Medicine of your home and family. Hawks are survivors and I'm sure they're most comfortable with you--their human kin.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/28/11 03:49 PM
Jane, I am so happy to hear they survived the storm. It is so hard to not interfere with Nature and to fight the temptation to run out, gather up the little ones and shelter them inside.

Rebel and Yankee are strong, courageous and have great warrior spirit.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/30/11 10:06 PM
My husband and I have been playing tag with the camera. After a week, we're not sure who took which photo, so these are used with OUR permission.

Momma Hawk in the nest, serving up some green snake. That's Rebel on the left.

A little later that day, Rebel was watching me watching him.

This is what my husband sees each afternoon when he gets home from work.

We returned from Walgreens this afternoon, ran into the house and grabbed BOTH Cameras! Got this shot on the digital and that's Yankee being brave and standing outside the nest
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/30/11 10:12 PM
I've asked a few friends to help out with Creek translations for name suggestions. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon to get the Poll set up.

Our neighbor across the street saw us under the nest this afternoon. He saw the article in the newspaper, but didn't know where the nest was. It amazes me how unattentive people can be. He's been working in the yard all day, and the babies have been standing in the nest and squawking all day. All he had to do was look up, he wasn't 300 ft from the tree.
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/30/11 10:43 PM
Gorgeous pictures Jane! You are blessed to be one of the few people who see with her heart, not just her eyes! I can't thank you enough for sharing this wonderful hawk nest watch thread!
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/30/11 11:27 PM
Beautiful, Jane - such beautiful pictures. It is a blessing to us, too, that you share this wonder with us. Thank you.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 05/31/11 11:59 PM
Our little Rebel is getting bold. He's been stretching out his wings all day, and I so hope I caught it in the photo. It's amazing how big his wings already are. He's also been scaling the thinner branch in the photos. At one point he was a foot above the nest. Yankee was "hogging" the nest today. There is such a difference in their size. That could be due to hatching later, or Yank might be a girl.

A friend came over today and she was so excited to see the babies. After looking at the photos she commented they look much bigger in person. She's right, and Rebel is probably getting close to 12" tall.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 12:27 AM
Rebel is going to be big for sure. I was thinking earlier today that one of them must be a girl. Wouldn't that be wonderful if Yankee is a girl and came back next year to nest in the same tree?

Having your own Naming Ceremony is going to be so memorable and precious. Those babies are going to go out into the world with a lot of love and prayers under their wings.

Let us know when you will have the ceremony so we can do what you suggest to help you in spirit. The Hawk clan will gather for the "Naming Ceremony".
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 02:20 PM
These I took yesterday and today. I'm hoping you can see Rebel a little clearer. Yankee is still hogging the nest.
This is the best one of Rebel so far!

Another good one, just wish Yankee would stand up.

You can't really tell in the photo, but Rebel is at least a foot above the nest. The one with his wings spread is on the other camera. Just a few more shots and then back to Walgreens. Those people love me smile Looking at these photos, they are bigger in person.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 02:35 PM
I forgot to post this yesterday and it was just too cute not to share. There is a pair of names in our poll - Talon and Keeper and they were living up to those suggested names.

Yankee was sprawled out in the nest and Rebel was pacing around the edge. I watched as his body went forward and down several times and finally figured it out. He was reaching down with his talons to poke Yankee to move over. 'She' was keeping the nest all to 'herself'
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 02:53 PM
Typical kids! Yankee sure likes her space.
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 04:14 PM
hehe great pictures Jane! They're so incredibly cute! I especially like the first pic--it's so clear I'm tempted to reach through the screen and stroke those beautiful feathers!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 11:14 PM
Oh Boy, I'm beginning to sweat our extended naming a bit. Rebel had his wings stretched this evening and was hopping around in the nest. He caught some air!
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/01/11 11:23 PM
ooooh! He's actually trying to fly?! What a big boy!!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 12:51 AM
Yes, he is much larger than he appears in the photos. His wing span looks to be pushing 2 feet. We had some gusty winds from the coast this evening. So I'm not certain if he caught the air with his wings by accident or with intention.

It was quite awkward and a little funny. I learned you can't hold your breathe in fear of them falling and laugh at the goofy flapping and hopping simultaneously.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 01:34 AM
OMGosh! It is so hard to imagine that Rebel is that big. He must have been really surprised when he caught the air. I can so imagine that!
Posted By: ninama1 Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 12:31 PM
Wow, those are great photos of your "babies". It is sort of strange about you and hawks, but if you have seen them this often and they choose to build a nest near your home, something is telling me that your spirit guide is a hawk. And that is good. During this past winter, I was fortunate enough to walk under two Red Tail Hawks here in my apartment complex. They also had a nest near by, but I didn't go envestigating as there are to many young children that live here, that might have injured one or both by throwing rocks and such. But, now that it is summer, I will see one of the adults flying overhead when I get home from work at 6:30. Never have a camera on me, except on my phone, and they are way to high for a good photo.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 02:14 PM
Welcome to the forum Ninama1, and thank you for joining us! Red Tail Hawks are such majestic birds. To see them circling overhead fills our hearts with awe.

Maybe in the Fall, when the leaves thin out a bit, you'll be able to safely locate their nest. We might have another Hawk Nest Watch next Spring!

Yes, it is "sort of strange" how hawks tend to hang around me. But it's great and I hope it never ends. This morning has been a little too quite and I just went out the front door for a nest check. Apparently our little guys know the sound of not only car doors, but the front door too. They were low in the nest and I couldn't see them, so I went to the "good" spot in the back yard. They were squawking before I got there. It's almost lunch time!
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 06:34 PM
It is really so endearing how they accept you and Tim in their 'hood'. They seem to be quite familiar and comfy with your daily routine and sounds of the house and car. That is assurance that the female will be back next year to nest close to you. I can so understand the joy in your heart you have for being blessed with so many generations of the same Hawk family. This is the third generation, right?

You and I both have a Hawk for spiritual guides, Jane. Whenever I am out in the desert alone, my spirit animals are with me - Puma and Hawk. At home, the Red Tailed Hawks are always around. One comes near to my patio every day to check on me. I agree with you, they are majestic.

It is so wonderful and special that the Hawk chose you.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 07:05 PM
OH MY! Rebel is climbing the TREE! He's a good 2 ft above the nest. Phyllis, I am thinking Momma Hawk will return to this nest next year. If she doesn't, and we're correct about Yankee being a girl, I bet she'll come back. She has been hunkered down in that nest all day. Momma Hawk will probably have to force her out when it's time smile

That's my brave little boy on the left.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 07:27 PM
Rebel and Yankee are showing signs of typical male and female. Rebel is always out exploring and Yankee is always nesting. Such a beautiful picture, Jane. Thank you so much for making our 'clan' a part of the life of these blessings.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/02/11 11:22 PM
It's a little after 7pm here and that's typically hawk bedtime. Yankee is deep in the nest and Rebel is now all the way out on a limb. He's been up to the top of that large branch and back down to a few limbs above the nest. He'll probably make his way back to the nest in time for breakfast.

Seeing him swaying gently in the evening breeze, I can't help but hear that Pink Floyd song in my head. Rebel is getting ready to learn to fly and I can't wait for him to experience the sensation I have longed for. I can almost feel his anticipation, and he's so looking forward to it.

I think Momma Hawk will have to kick Yankee out the nest. When it's time for her to learn to fly, I fear there will be much scratching and squawking. I might need to borrow a video camera for that.

Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/03/11 02:28 PM
Rebel made it back down to the nest after his tree explorations yesterday. With both of them calling, I went out for the Nest Watch. Rebel's call has a deeper pitch and I could hear it, but couldn't find him. Yankee was standing on the west side of the nest.

When I got to the good spot in the back yard, I could see and hear Rebel sprawled out in the nest. All that climbing yesterday must have tuckered him out.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/04/11 04:13 AM
Awww! The sweet little guy. Yeah, I bet Rebel is tired after all that seeking. It is about time Yankee got up and stretched out.

Have you planned the ceremony yet for the Naming Day?
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/04/11 06:04 AM
Talked with my Creek Elder friend and he sees no problem having a little naming ceremony with some sage and prayers. I would like to run it by one more Elder.

If the weather is good Saturday the 11th we'll probably do it that evening, or Sunday the 12th. By then all of their feathers will be in and it will be time for them to venture out.

It's comforting to know they will be hanging around for a while afterwards, maybe all year.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/04/11 07:40 AM
It is so hard to believe they will be big enough to venture out soon. It will be hard for you and Tim to see the little ones leave the nest. At least they will be close by for a while longer.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/04/11 04:13 PM
Learned a new call this morning from Momma Hawk. Rough translation "Hold your Horses, I'm coming with breakfast!" Went out the back door and she flew over me, ran to the front door and the nest was full of wings! About 20 minutes later, the entire sequence was repeated.

Breakfast must have been good. I could see the bugs flying about and the babies twitching to get them off. With tummies full Rebel went exploring and Yankee hunkered down in the nest.

This photo is very similar to one we took a few weeks ago. My have they grown! Rebel is on the left.

We've been watching Rebel learning to fly for several days and I finally got a shot with the digital camera.

He actually FLEW between the large branches to this smaller limb and we both got to see it! He looks really small sitting there.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/04/11 04:46 PM
Oh, bless them. These are wonderful pictures. Now we can see their feather colors. Rebel sure is anxious to get out and about and Yankee seems very content to stay put.

They are so beautiful. They sure are the most loved Hawks.
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/04/11 06:07 PM
Magnificent pictures!! Just look at them! Their beauty is more precious than any words.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/06/11 11:48 PM
To say these hawks "know" us is really an understatement. I've been helping at a friend's house and got home around 7pm. Our dog always whines and yelps when my car pulls into the drive.

The dog started whining and both of the young hawks chimed in squawking. What a Welcome home! All three were letting "Dad" know "Mom" was finally home.

My husband saw Yankee finally take a few tenative flutters today. Rebel has been exploring the nearby trees but always returns for meals and bedtime. It won't be long!
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/07/11 04:09 AM
That is so precious, Jane. The hawks look forward to you coming home and show their excitement. So sweet! Your heart must have fluttered with joy and love.

So Yankee decided to give a little try. She may be a little timid or shy about it, but once she finds out what it is like she will be right up there exploring in the trees with Rebel.

Posted By: Elleise - Clairvoyance Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/07/11 05:29 AM
Gorgeous photos!

The pictures really capture their personalities too. I'll bet they return and keep the cycle of life going when they're old enough.

I can't thank you enough for the photos. It's how it should be. We respect them, they respect us and it's just such a positive light in life. smile
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/08/11 12:25 AM
Another day away and another very loud welcome home this evening. So loud the neighbors across the street brought their friends out to see the "kids."

Hoping everyone has voted on the names. The poll closes late Thursday night. So if you haven't already, please get your vote in. I think I have it narrowed down to 2 choices, and will think on it tonight as I drift off to sleep.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/09/11 10:47 PM
These are the last of the "baby pictures." Our kids are all grown and flying around. Rebel went exploring in the vacant lot behind our house and buzzed me on his return to the nest tree this afternoon. He surprised my husband yesterday perched on a tree stump in our yard. Yankee was across the street. An easy way to distinguish between them is their breast feathers. Rebel's has much more brown and Yankee's breast feathers are barely spotted with browns

Here's Rebel in a nearby tree

Rebel swooped up from the tree stump to the neighbor's roof when my husband walked around the car.

Here's Yankee in a nearby tree

This is one of my favorites. It looks like Rebel is asking Yankee, "Are you ready yet?"
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/09/11 10:52 PM
They so very beautiful Jane! Thank you for sharing them--the timing is supernatural!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/09/11 10:56 PM
It has been my absolute pleasure sharing our "kids" with everyone here on the forum. They have brought so much joy to our lives and hopefully a little to yours as well.

If the weather holds up Saturday, we'll have the naming ceremony as soon as we return from the Tribal Grounds. Even as big as they are, they still come back to the nest tree each evening. Well, it is their home and I hope it continues to be for a little while longer. I will sorely miss my "Beautiful Noise" if they need to find their own hunting grounds. I'm so thankful for the vacant lot behind our house and its bounty. Maybe it will provide for them the rest of the year.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/09/11 10:59 PM
I can see why that last picture is your favorite, Jane. "It is time, Sister -- ready when you are."

How very precious. From those two little white fluffy heads with big dark eyes peeking at us from their nests to these beautiful passage hawks is just a treasure to behold.

You have given us wonderful memories and I thank you for that. For you and Tim to share this with us is so appreciated.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/13/11 02:37 PM
The kids got their names and Redbird took off with it. Keetowah is still "keeping" the nest. Maybe she knows my watch died this week and I need an alarm clock. This morning, both of them were hanging out in "Grandma" the very old live oak in our backyard.

Sunday morning, I thought I was dreaming about them, but my husband informed me it was not a dream. Keetowah was squawking at me to wake up. We'll probably see Redbird occasionally, but Keetowah seems intent to stay with us, and I couldn't be more pleased.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/13/11 02:50 PM
Keetowah is a "homebody". She seems quite comfortable in her habitat. She must look upon you and your husband as foster parents. Does Mama Hawk come back once in awhile still?
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/13/11 02:50 PM
Oh Jane that's great!!

Well, not great that your watch died, but great that the feathered sweeties still seek your company! Maybe Keetowah wanted to stay a little longer to watch over you, with Redbird checking in every once in a while. I can't think of a more (to quote you) 'Beautiful Noise' to wake up to!
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/13/11 04:55 PM
We see Momma Hawk less frequently, but that's understandable. After weeks of feeding hungry babies, she needs some time to herself smile

My husband just came in and commented "Well, I finally found 'Miss Squawky Pants,' she's up in the camphor tree." Keetowah has taken perpetual squawking over for Redbird.
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/13/11 08:14 PM
This is just too cute not to share. We got home from the grocery store to a very noisy backyard. Keetowah apparently had a successful hunt and Redbird thought his little sis might just share a bit. NOT!

She's up in the live oak, squawking after every bite and mocking him smile
The nest rivalry continues...
Posted By: .... Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/13/11 09:23 PM
Haha! Don't you just love sibling love?! laugh
Posted By: Jane - Native American Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/16/11 01:27 PM
I've never seen the movie "Snakes on Planes" but we've had several episode of "Snakes in Trees" lately. I guess the dry weather has them on the move for better homes and the hawks are finding them easily.

The old live oak in the back yard has very wide limbs, a nice spot for a leisurely meal.

Between the smoke and heat, we finally relinquished and turned on the air conditioners. We had 2 window units, 4 ceiling fans, 3 floor fans and the TV on yesterday evening. With windows closed and all the other noise, we could STILL hear Keetowah squawking outside.
Posted By: Phyllis Doyle Burns Re: Hawk Nest Watch - 06/16/11 02:02 PM
Your young lady hawk is not one to be ignored, me thinks.

I so enjoy your updates on these lovely hawks, Jane. You keep them so much a part of our lives. Thank you!

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