Jane, your hawkwatch is beautiful and exciting.

A friend of mine has had a nestbox for blue tits for many years. Recently I've been agog seeing the parents coming and going and hearing the chicks all shouting me-me-me. One year I happened to be visting when the chicks fledged. I was gazing out the window (lovely view) and suddenly there was a blur. And then another. I doubt I'll be lucky enough to see the current family fledge.

But hawks, wow! Even more amazing. I noticed one of your postings about mommy hawk chasing a crow away. Just this evening I saw a crow really annoying a heron. Crows are sometimes rather human - and I don't mean humans at their best - in their ways!

Looking forward to hearing more about the hawks. And BTW congratulations on becoming a full editor!

PS For those not aquainted with them, here is a drawing of a blue tit. They are quite small birds.