Well our little guys may end up local celebrities. Called the newspaper on just a whim. They sent a reporter yesterday and he climbed on the roof with his huge lens.

When he called this morning, I thought he had a quick question, but he was calling to say the article was printed in TODAY's edition. Our little paper only publishes twice a week and only covers local news.

We were on our way to help set up for a wedding tomorrow, so we stopped by the post office. I don't know if I should be pleased or seriously ticked off. This was the Friday edition before Memorial Day and we have a local military base. Today's front page included a major property foreclosure, a meeting about tourism, and the Fun in the Sun Expo tomorrow.

Just below the fold - a picture of Rebel and Yankee and a really nice write up. Oh yes, there was a photo of the Navy band who will be performing at the Expo.

The reporter is relatively new to the paper and I'm happy he got a front page article. However, I really wish it had been focused on honoring our fallen heros. Now, I'm a proud grandma, but I question the priorities with this.

Jane Winkler, Editor
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