You are so very welcome! I'm not certain why I have such an affinity with hawks, but it began back in the 80's after the loss of a loved one. I started seeing them everywhere and felt comforted each time. They must feel pretty comfortable with me as well. We had nests just as close to our house when we lived in Charleston, SC in the early 90's.

When I travel, even a short distance, they swoop in front of the car, or "call" to me silently from a perch. I'll turn my head for no reason, and one will be there watching. I've often wondered if Hawk is one of my animal guides, but I don't recall ever being visited in a dream. That would be special!

At the very least, Hawk is a travel companion, and seems to be with me every moment. In 1987 the band Pink Floyd did a video of their song "Learning to Fly." It features a young Indian man taking the leap to flight. It's strange. I am so afraid of high places, but have longed for the sensation of flight all my life. This video is so accurate in portraying the desire.

Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly"

"Can't keep my eyes off the circling sky..."

Jane Winkler, Editor
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