When you are disconnected from your life, any task can be mind-numbing. Stress or exhaustion can also cause mental agony. You have to love the life you are in or create one that you can enjoy. The joy that my family brings into my life always far outweighs the pain. I feel blessed and lucky, and I know that rubs off on my kids.

As far as people being jealous of my life, I have been told so, more than once. Maybe it�s a case of the grass looking greener, but it�s also the fertilizer you use to cause your life to blossom. You know, a life filled with joy verses dull and empty.

You do make some valid points... I guess the bottom line here is life is what you make it.

Sure there are alot of people out there that are unhappy in their jobs but in order to make a living and support their deppendants it s what they have to do,that is just life but then there are others like me who are so passionate about everything they do including their job - I dont think I am in some kind of rat race - quite the oppisite actually....Some parents out there feel like that too,they feel trapped in their situation and that is so sad as it does reflect on the children.

I am glad you are very happy in your life as you are right it does rub off on your children.Your life sounds very rewarding and I am sure it is for you.

Cheers! <img src="/images/graemlins/beamedup.gif" alt="" />