This debate has been raging far too long, between women.

In this enlightened age, are we yet scrutinizing womens' personal choices? Each and every woman has the right to chose the lifestyle that best suits her needs. If a woman chooses to dedicate herself to the upbringing of her children, why denigrate her choice? If a woman chooses to pursue a career, as well as raise a family, why not stand behind her, in her decision?

I've known women who have chosen both paths, in life. Not one of the 'stay at home' mothers I've known has ever suffered from a feeling of inferiority. These women have grown into their maturity with an eye toward continuing education, and personal growth. They may stand shoulder to shoulder with their working-Mom counterparts, as equals, in bottom-line, personal development.

Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.~Eleanor Roosevelt~

Jeannine Schenewerk
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