Hey, Michelle,

I have read some of those posts, too and I came quickly to the conclusion that many of those posters cannot accept and stand by their own decision without degrading others who made different decisions.

I certainly would never encourage anyone to have children - or to get married or buy the same car I drive, nor would I berate them for choosing otherwise.

I planned both my kids, raised them into educated, productive adults and to have them referred to as "f***trophys" is not just insulting, it's misspelled. And, what the hell is a "parunt"?

I am not a "breeder", I am a mother to two fabulous children. I also earned a college degree at the age of 20, have had a very successful career, and now run my own business.

I would not exclude someone who is "childfree" based on that factor anymore than I would exclude someone based on their race or religion or the fact that they like turnip greens. But obviously, it's okay for them to choose to only talk to each other. That way, they will all think alike and it becomes a big "rah-rah" fest for condemning those who think or choose differently.

They are bigots of a different nature. And, like all bigots, their prejudice is based on some internal inferiority or some fear that they might not be right. And, like all bigots, they have to degrade and riducle the object of their bigotry in order to quiet their own inner demons.

I hope they don't have children--there are enough bigots in the world already, and children do learn what they live with.