Good Morning Coffee Friends smile

I was up this morning at 4:30am - crazy, right?

How is everyone doing?

Things are good here. Though I feel like I'm spinning my wheels a lot more than I need to LOL. It just always seems like there is so much to do. My aunt has taken a turn for the worse, so she's in bed all the time now, and has to be fed. She's confused all the time. But my mom continues to do better, and that's such a relief.

I am counting down the days till June 10 - that's when my son's first year of college is over, and he comes home! I see him every few weeks now, but it's just so nice to have him here LOL.

And we are getting my daughter her puppy tomorrow! She and I are very excited! It's a little Golden Retriever. I'll share pics on my FB page laugh

Anyway, what's everyone up to?

Deanna Joseph

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