It was many years ago when my best friend visited me a few minutes while driving from a vacation with her parents, they went camping in New Brunswick which was less than one hour away back then and she asked dad if Ste-Florence was near and he said that they would drive pass it. I almost fainted when I opened the door to see her. She was supposed to email me the picture her mom took of us which she never did. Then we talked on the phone a few times a few years later and we talked a few more times on the internet. After that house was set on fire she immediately answered the email I sent to everyone and that was the last time I heard from her. Before that short visit I have to go back a few more years back for me to have been with a friend. We were very close until she moved to Ottawa and we stayed very close for about two years after she moved but at least when we became to drift apart we kept in touch with emails. I cannot write her because I do not remember her entire address and I asked her repeatedly by email to sent it to me and she never did.