Can't say I have much of a social life at all. I grew up very much a loner, as I was painfully shy and was abused (sexualy and verbally) as a child. I had one friend when I was really young - around the age of 7-8 - but she moved away when I was 9. Then I made friends with a girl across the street briefly, but was ostracized because I was older than her by almost 4 years - that was when I was around 10-12, so that friendship didn't last long. I was fortunate when I was around 14 to become friends with a girl at the end of the street, she and I were the same age and both of us were in abusive homes, and we both had the same interests, so we clicked immediately. We are still best of friends today (I'm 49 now), but unfortunately we live almost 1000 miles apart.

I do find it very hard to make new friends, always did. I'm not the greatest conversationalist in the world, and my interests tend to be somewhat different than most people I tend to meet. While most women around here (that I've met) are into talking about work, or husbands, or shopping, I am more interested in spirituality, animals, writing, horseback riding, that kind of thing. I am extremely fortunate though; my sister and I have always been best of friends, and we live only 10 minutes away from one another, as well as work at the same company. We do get together every so often with four other women from work to go out to dinner or just have a gettogether, but unfortunately it's not too often. I tend to find those gettogethers not very exciting any more anyway, as they wind up becoming an excuse to chat and complain about work - something I hate doing. (I figure, I spend over 8 hours a day there...I just dislike incorporating it into my personal time as well.)

I also have a close friend I met online several years ago who lives near Boston...and again, unfortunately she and I live quite a distance apart. I did go and visit her a couple of years ago and we had a wonderful time together...hopefully we'll get to do it again sometime.

Oh, and I am so thankful for one thing; my son is one of those people who is constantly making new friends. I grew up in a family where we were discouraged from making friends...weren't allowed to invite anyone into the house, weren't allowed to take part in any organised events, and if we did have a friend over, they rarely ever came back, as our dad made it so uncomfortable for them...banging things around, getting angry and yelling (no wonder we grew up so socially stinted). But my son has always been surrounded by friends, and is always managing to make new ones as well. I guess it's the old 'I'm so glad he didn't turn out like me' thing, at least in that one respect.

And while I do tend to keep to myself a fair bit, I also find that I sometimes wish I had a larger circle of friends. I've tried meeting new people around here, but for the most part haven't been successful. My sister, who has always been a 'social butterfly' seems to be having the same problem; she says she's finding it very hard to meet people and form friendships that last. However, I am not one to give up, and will keep trying. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

***Oops...I didn't really answer the original question! Well, two nights ago my little circle of work friends got together for a belated Halloween dinner (minus one who couldn't make it). For the most part it was fun, but the conversation did keep getting swayed back to work time and time again. During those periods I fought to keep from falling asleep...but at least it was fun to get out...

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