I have a wide range of interests and have three little social groups that I go to once a month. I also have worked as a volunteer with an educational group for a few years, and that is just 3 hours a week, once a week. I've done that one for almost three years (wow!). Both of those options let me stay in touch with some folks I've known for a while, and also give me an opportunity to meet new folks.

A really good girlfriend of mine who lives about an hour away and I have a monthly movie date, as her husband just can't ever seem to be dragged out to one. She and I are crazy about movies! So, once a month, she comes over, we pick up some food, rent a few DVDs and then just soak up the filmic goodness. Sometimes we go see something that's out in the theaters, but more often we watch something rented so we can do more than one film. Those TV season DVD box sets are spectacular for that purpose.