I'll answer this, although you'll wish I hadn't! ; )

I moved to California from Ohio 5 months ago to live with a boyfriend of 3 years who is considerably older than me. I have made NO friends here yet and had to travel home for the 4th of July just to see the friends I do have! I've been on Meetup.com to try to get involved in some local groups that share my interests: two of which are books and birdwatching, but it looks like those groups don't exist in my area. I e-mailed a local birding person I found out about- he never replied. My job is a no-go for a new friend: I have tried to initiate some conversation with a few here, but to no avail. The people here seem very self-absorbed and "not my type". I've looked all around for some kind of interesting organization to be a part of, but it's almost like people here are too busy for that kind of stuff. I don't really know what else to do about this situation. I mean, I think I'm interesting, I'm decent looking, I think I'm nice- is it that hard to make friends in this world??? This post sounds so pitiful but I seriously AM trying to approach this with a sense of humor- I'm about to take out a personal ad! ; )

My BF is a wonderful man who has some very close friends from childhood, but I'm not looking to nose in on those friendships- I want some of my own!!

So in a word- my social life "sucks"! : )