My social life used to be more exciting. I found that once you get out of school and start working and everyone grows up, you keep very few of those friends, and lose many you thought were friends. Currently, I have maybe 3 friends I see fairly regularily, once a week maybe. And then I spend time with my husband, my mom, my dad, and the rest is spent alone (or with husband) My husband goes out himself at least once a week. Sometimes I go with him, sometimes I dont. And I go out usually once a week with out him, even if its just with my mom. And then my husband and I try to go out once or twice a week together, either for dinner, or movie or shopping or whatever, even just going to a friends place for a couple hours.

We have our main friends we see almost weekly, either they visit, or we visit them. As far as partying and going to the bar, MAYBE once a month, usually just for someones birthday though.

Yeah my social life is somewhat boring. All we do is "hang out" chat, have a drink or 2, watch a movie, shop, stuff like that. Which I enjoy, but its pretty much ALL we do. I would like to find some interests I could share with my friends, not just individual hobbies. But I find it hard to make NEW friends. I dont know what to talk about. Especially at work. We tend to talk ABOUT work AT work and thats it.

I duno... Im pretty boring lol