I don't know if this is the right place for this, but for the last year or two I have been trying to narrow down some career choices that interest me. Unfortunately I'm having a real hard time making a decision.

Here's a little background info about me.
My grades weren't too great in school (mostly because I didn't try) But my favourite/most interesting and best subjects included:

English, Journalism (I took this 1 or 2 years in junior high), and Cooking (I took cooking in grade 8, 9 and 10 and also a Chef's Training Program in grades 11 and 12 but did not go on to College for this)and Art.

Subjects that were somewhat interesting, but I now wish I had taken more classes on because they are NOW MORE interesting include:

Psycology, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry (a little bit)

My worst subject over all is math. I am not very good at it. Although I think I am better than I used to be. And I was not too into P.E.

Other interests I have are:

Animals, Event Planning (weddings etc), Food, I'm fascinated by Africa, Art, Writing, Music, Research, Travel(even though I have yet to do much of it), History (1800's and early 1900's interest me), Psycology, People, Kids, Organizing/list making, Using computers, photography, being creative etc

Some career choices I have thought about include:
Travel Agent
Medical Office Assistant
Dental Office Receptionist
Secretary in a school
Working for a catering company
Restaurant owner
Daycare Provider
Vet's assistant
Owning a home based Gift Basket Business
Wedding coordinator

My problem is that what ever choice I make I have to do some upgrading of my English and possibly math because I graduated with poor grades frown Bad me I know! I regret not trying harder because I COULD have done better, but that's besides the point. Also, I don't want to go back to school for very long. A year, MAYBE 2 years. Also, hubby and I plan on starting a family in 4-5 years so I need something that will be able to get back into after having kids. And something that will pay a decent wage but does not have to be substantial, just more than what I make now.
I can't afford to be going to school for numerous things and I plan on going back to school in Sept. 2008. So this year I am spending the time doing some upgrading and deciding what I should do. But I'm stuck in my decision making. Everytime I come up with an idea that I get excited about, I end up feeling like I can't do it, or Im too scared to try it, or I think of something I might like better, and then I get confused. The other problem is that I don't have very much work experience. I've only really had 2 jobs in my life. One was for 6 months at a collection agency which I did not like much (mostly because of the people) and working in housekeeping in a hotel. So I don't have sales experience, cash experience, or office experience. I keep leaning towards the medical office/travel agent thing.

I know this is alot of information, but does any one have any advice?? eek... thanks for reading at least!