Thanks ladies smile Ive been spending the last couple of days talking with hubby and others and doing a lot of thinking and it always comes back to the office work.

My old teacher actually suggested writing a book book. He always enjoyed reading my essays etc. And he always told me that I was talented in writing and cooking. But I came to the realization a few years ago that anything that is artisitc - cooking, writing, photography, gift baskets etc (even though I had once thought of doing it as a career) they are things that I should do on the side.

That's why I lean more towards the office work/travel agent thing. So many people have told me that "I can do better than that..." but if that's what I want to do then why would I want to do better? Sure, it's not the BEST paying job, but money doesn't mean anything to me. I'd rather be happy than make loads of money. Sure, there are careers with more advancement opportunities and that are more challenging, but I dont think that's what Im looking for. If I wasn't planning on having a family then I would probably spend the time and money working on my education and getting into a career such as a chef, a restaurant owner, a psycologist etc BUT the fact remains that I want as much time as possible spent with my family and taking care of them. I am more concerned having enough TIME and ENERGY for my FAMILY. I don't want a job where my work comes home with me.

And working as a receptionist in a doctors office/dental office etc, as Holly said, they are regular working hours, stable, they can be worked part-time or full-time. And if later on I wanted to work my self up to something higher, I can always take another few college courses and become a dental assistant or something like that.

I know that when choosing a career many people pick something that includes their interests/passions etc, but I tend to think of how my life is going to be in the future, and I need a job that works with that. I dont have the time and money to become a psycologist or counsellor or chef. These career choices take years and years! If I went down that road, we would be broke for a long time, and would not be starting a family until Im well into my 30's. That's not okay with us. I believe my purpose in life is to raise a family, not to have a huge career. So when it comes down to it, I only need a job that pays a little more than what I make now, something that I can enjoy, something stable, regular hours etc. That's all I need. And then I can do other things on the side such as gift basket making, cooking, writing a cook book!, maybe do volunteer work with kids or animals etc and these are interests and hobbies I can include my family in rahter than making a career out of it and having my family on the side... that's just how I see it for myself anyways.

Thanks for your responses everyone.