Yes. smile

Take a deep breath, and quit looking for the perfect answer. smile

I do this to myself, too, Laura. But the truth is, we can't know everything about our future. It is also true that people today often change careers in their life, so don't feel like you'll be "locked in" if you decide to do something else later.

I would be reluctant to recommend journalism as your main career... simply because i've had two close people in my life who are journalists. They work long hours... often the hours other people are home with their families, they are out at some boring meeting getting the essentials for their next report. And though there are some who get paid well, most get paid surprisingly poor salaries, even without considering all the overtime they do for free and the weird hours.

Medical office assistant and dental office, vet's assistant, secretary in a school... these jobs tend to be secure jobs with regular hours, but there is virtually no chance for advancement and the pay isn't the worst but it's certainly not good. You would make a great one, but you are so smart, Lala... you could also be much more, and i don't think you'd regret choosing a career with more challenge and advancement.

Chef... a great career, but known for being stressful (particularly the better the restaurant), and if you wish to have a family, remember the hours you'd be most needed to work would be dinner time. Women do it... balance family and being a chef... but you might wish to keep that in mind, that it will keep you away during prime family time. As a caterer you'd have more control over your hours, but there would still occassionally be conflicts of time.

Restaurant owner... great idea, but after you've established yourself. Most businesses fail, and particularly the restaurant business is hard! It's a gamble.

Counsellor - a great job and you'd be great at it.

Pharmacist, travel agent - i'm not as familiar with these careers.

Many of the jobs you mentioned would be great on the side if you wished to have your own business to see how you liked it and how much money it would make for you... jobs like catering, the gift baskets, and writing! I think you would make a great writer, Laura, but you might want to consider doing this on the side as a freelancer. Same with the photography. I think you would find it rewarding, but it is less stressful starting it on the side of a job that has a regular paycheck and health insurance.