Ive come to the conclusion that Ive been thinking TOO much about what I want/should do. I went back and re-read all my posts and all of your responses and Im going to do what I originally was going to. I like the medical office idea because it gives me the regular and steady hours I am looking for. And that is one aspect that is most important. Also, it is only an 8 month course and isn't too expensive for us. And once I finish school and start working again I decided that I will do that 4 days a week, and then 1 day a week I will work in a pet store or volunteer to work with animals or do my gift baskets or one of my other interests. This way I am still making enough money for the family with regular working hours, but I am still fulfilling my personal interests. I think that will work best for what my husband and I have planned for our future.

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