The ones who are here would know. Abortion just doesn't kill a child. It kills the compassion of a mother's heart.It wounds women. They know. In the foundation of their hearts they know. Love gets wounded. My first child was not my first born child. My son or daughter would be about 25 yrs. old about now. I think about it a lot. My girlfriend had an abortion without telling me. She thought I would never find out. Her best friend told me. She broke up with me for no reason. After her friend told me I understood. She was wounded. So was I. I wasn't angry, just sad. I wish I could see her one more time to ask her forgiveness. Just to say I was sorry for helping her get into that position. But my child is dead. I look into the faces of my children now and wonder. What would he/she be like. To hear the laughter. It saddens me to this day. I know in my heart why abortion is wrong. My heart tells me so.