A strong poem. I love the title of the book! Not many people stop to think about the way it must look from the baby's poitn of view, but then I guess that's the whole problem isn't it?

I wrote last year in a post, that when I worked in surgery many years ago, I had the unfortunate experiance of assisting on a ruptured tubal pregnancy. There was no fault to this young lady and nothing she could have done, the baby had settled in the Fallopian tube instead of the uterus, as occasionally happens. If a rupture occurs, the hemmorrhaging can be life threatening to the mother w/out immediate surgery. There is never a way to save the baby, because we do not have the science to "implant" in the uterus after that.

We had to send the "fetal tissue" off to pathology, as we do with any tissue taken from the body. Except this time the tissue had a head and body, barely formed toes and fingers (but they were distinguishable!) This was definitely a baby. I was shaking by the time the surgery was over, and completely lost it when I had to clean my instruments. I told my supervisor that I could never do an elective abortion, even if it cost me my job. It was made too clear to me that it was surely a baby, and my pregnancy soon after that only confirmed it as I felt that precious little life grow inside of me.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor