I would like to share with you a poem from my new poetry book that is published through Publishamerica that is called " From The Inside Out ". It shares my feelings on the topic of abortion and my position of being pro-life.

See It�s Carried On

Freedoms have no boundaries like our hearts and like our minds
Freedoms they are endless and they have no ties and binds
But I question motives when they�re used to maim and kill
Can you take a life by drinking water and a pill
If your life�s in danger then that is a different case
I attack abortion from a solely moral base
What about the freedoms of a precious unborn child
Are they just old papers to be packed away and filed
They are truly innocent no matter your mistakes
Who are you to say the snow should fall no more in flakes
What about their choices cause I know you value yours
Who are you to take away and close off all their doors
Let a generation see the coming of it�s dawn
If you truly value freedom then you see it�s carried on

Jeffrey Michael Miller
copyright 2005