Posted By: Anonymous See It's Carried On - 01/17/06 05:09 AM
I would like to share with you a poem from my new poetry book that is published through Publishamerica that is called " From The Inside Out ". It shares my feelings on the topic of abortion and my position of being pro-life.

See It�s Carried On

Freedoms have no boundaries like our hearts and like our minds
Freedoms they are endless and they have no ties and binds
But I question motives when they�re used to maim and kill
Can you take a life by drinking water and a pill
If your life�s in danger then that is a different case
I attack abortion from a solely moral base
What about the freedoms of a precious unborn child
Are they just old papers to be packed away and filed
They are truly innocent no matter your mistakes
Who are you to say the snow should fall no more in flakes
What about their choices cause I know you value yours
Who are you to take away and close off all their doors
Let a generation see the coming of it�s dawn
If you truly value freedom then you see it�s carried on

Jeffrey Michael Miller
copyright 2005
Posted By: heartofdavid Re: See It's Carried On - 01/23/06 07:25 PM
Well said. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy that while having the precious priviledge of breathing air, you should decide for someone else that that priviledge be denied to them.
Posted By: Chelle - Marriage Editor Re: See It's Carried On - 01/23/06 08:11 PM
A strong poem. I love the title of the book! Not many people stop to think about the way it must look from the baby's poitn of view, but then I guess that's the whole problem isn't it?

I wrote last year in a post, that when I worked in surgery many years ago, I had the unfortunate experiance of assisting on a ruptured tubal pregnancy. There was no fault to this young lady and nothing she could have done, the baby had settled in the Fallopian tube instead of the uterus, as occasionally happens. If a rupture occurs, the hemmorrhaging can be life threatening to the mother w/out immediate surgery. There is never a way to save the baby, because we do not have the science to "implant" in the uterus after that.

We had to send the "fetal tissue" off to pathology, as we do with any tissue taken from the body. Except this time the tissue had a head and body, barely formed toes and fingers (but they were distinguishable!) This was definitely a baby. I was shaking by the time the surgery was over, and completely lost it when I had to clean my instruments. I told my supervisor that I could never do an elective abortion, even if it cost me my job. It was made too clear to me that it was surely a baby, and my pregnancy soon after that only confirmed it as I felt that precious little life grow inside of me.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: See It's Carried On - 02/06/06 06:04 AM
Wow thank you both and sorry it took so long to reply to this. I agree with both and my Michelle that had to have been a very trying day for you having to go through that.

It's a real tragedy to lose any life and like a very wise man and senior Okinawan martial artist in my style told me that " There are no small lives " and I agree.

Seems very simple in wording but it came off very strong to me and sometimes the simplest of things do that.

Well thank you so much and God Bless you all!

Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 03/28/06 04:04 AM
Tell Me - do any of you believe in contraception? Or is that wrong aswell.
Posted By: texasdave4 Re: See It's Carried On - 04/10/06 07:13 PM
Contraception is fine, extermination is not. Big difference.
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/11/06 04:15 AM
Oh my God!!! Dave CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
your post actully makes sense and I agree.
Posted By: texasdave4 Re: See It's Carried On - 04/11/06 08:56 AM
So, you agree that abortion is extermination and it is wrong. Good.
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/11/06 09:19 PM
Contraception is fine,

Yes I agree with the above for sure davey.. <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue2.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: texasdave4 Re: See It's Carried On - 04/12/06 09:20 PM
What about the abortion part?
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/12/06 09:29 PM
What about the abortion part?

Pro choice davey.... <img src="/images/graemlins/tongue2.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: texasdave4 Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 12:10 AM
If you believe that all we have is the hear and now, then abortion would be doubly tragic don't you think? I mean if you believe this is all there is then to be denied that would be horrible.
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 12:43 AM
Huh??? but if you didint even exist how would one know???
Posted By: texasdave4 Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 01:42 AM
The ones who are here would know. Abortion just doesn't kill a child. It kills the compassion of a mother's heart.It wounds women. They know. In the foundation of their hearts they know. Love gets wounded. My first child was not my first born child. My son or daughter would be about 25 yrs. old about now. I think about it a lot. My girlfriend had an abortion without telling me. She thought I would never find out. Her best friend told me. She broke up with me for no reason. After her friend told me I understood. She was wounded. So was I. I wasn't angry, just sad. I wish I could see her one more time to ask her forgiveness. Just to say I was sorry for helping her get into that position. But my child is dead. I look into the faces of my children now and wonder. What would he/she be like. To hear the laughter. It saddens me to this day. I know in my heart why abortion is wrong. My heart tells me so.
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 02:33 AM
I am sorry for that dave...I really am. I dont know what that is like and I never will so I am not going to sit here and tell you I understand...
Posted By: BellaDeb Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 04:07 AM
Dave, I just have to point out that your story is far more likely to persuade readers than all your other posts combined.

It's personal, it's sharing, and it's poignant. Far better than trying to anger and offend people.

This is just my 2 cents, but I think it's the most Christian (and human) of all your posts.
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 04:20 AM
Hi Bella Deb

Yes his post was very toutching indeed.There is more to Dave than meets the eye.
You are very lucky to live in Memphis...It has been my dream to visit there since I was 14 years old.I am 30 now but I will get there...One day lol... <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />
Posted By: DeniseExoticPets Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 05:38 AM
Where were the condoms? Where was the abstinence? Sex before marriage?

For being personal and touching, yes, it is that - but, it took 2 to tango and there's blame to share for the way it turned out. I'm not going to delve into someone's personal life to ask WHY she couldn't come to him and work things out, but obviously things weren't honky-dory in the relationship. I'd understand more a crusade for condoms, abstinence or no sex before marriage since he was a party to at least 1 out of the 3, but it's far easier to make her action(s) the target than his. Maybe the constant fire and brimstone is a way to hide or forget guilt and sin. I can't say although it does smack of self-deceit and false righteousness.
Posted By: familychoice Re: See It's Carried On - 04/13/06 08:23 AM
Hey Davey, looks like you took my advice on the PR! Lots of gentle posts yesterday and not one of them about earthquakes or sinners. Looks like you might have found the right tone to get your funky message across. If I didn't know you better then you'd have had me in tears*

* that's true that is
Posted By: Anonymous Re: See It's Carried On - 04/24/06 11:15 PM
Well they banned me again anyway. I think they regard me as more of a threat when I speak about love. That people might listen. Can't have that can we. As for now, I am " anonymous" but I will return. They cannot get rid of me.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: See It's Carried On - 04/24/06 11:22 PM
I never claim to be righteous. Only Christ was righteous. This took place when I was walking in sin. The relationship ( by worldly standards) was fine until this complication came along. But adversity and tribulation tend to bring out the best and worst in people. It was my fault too. I accept blame. I just wish I'd had the wisdom of God then. It would have prevented a wound for the both of us.
Posted By: censored Re: See It's Carried On - 04/25/06 05:04 AM
Hi david

Please go to the buddhist forum and read your thread "texas dave is back" look forward to hearing from you.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: See It's Carried On - 04/25/06 09:11 AM
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