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Yesterday at 10:04 PM

Vulpecula isn't a well known constellation, and its stars are dim. Yet it's interesting. It contains both the first planetary nebula and the first pulsar ever discovered, a handful of exoplanets, and part of the biggest structure in the known Universe.

Vulpecula - the Little Fox
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Yesterday at 09:42 PM
Summer squash grilled with peppers and onions, then layered on a ciabatta roll with sliced tomatoes, basil leaves and balsamic vinaigrette.

Next: S or E
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Yesterday at 09:23 PM

Our Solar System was the only one we knew. Astronomers used it to explain how star systems were made. But beware the theory based on only one example! We now know of thousands of planets around other suns, and the theories need revising. Here are a few of the astonishing planets we've found.

Exoplanets - Hottest, Darkest, and Oldest
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Yesterday at 07:40 PM
Thought I had an entire day without a spider in the house until after I turned the water of the shower on and I saw a medium sized black spider on the ceiling where I would of been after entering the shower! So closed the water, got the kitchen mop and somehow killed that thing! It was about to enter the fan that is right there when I came back with the mop! eek sick mad cry!
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Yesterday at 06:25 PM
Do you wear ponchos? Do you knit them?
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Yesterday at 06:20 PM
I am very curious to read your opinions on this article!
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Stress Management
Yesterday at 05:33 PM
The house was still available and the insomnia is still there, if the house is still available today (im looking after checking the emails after the morning routine is done) I will today continue the restart, if not then if the insomnia is still there tonight (if i do the other thing i go with this too) then tomorrow I decide when to start the internet and computer vacation.
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Yesterday at 05:32 PM
Yesterday it was sunny and windy.

At night it was windy.

When I went to bed it was windy and the sun was getting ready to rise.

When I got up it was sunny and windy.
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Self Development
Yesterday at 05:30 PM
Continue the restart, play the Windows Spider Hard on Spider Solitaire Co Uk again and continue the Tucker Carlson marathon (yesterday watched july 15 [0 so an extra] there was no new so got an extra but the last 5 i bumped 1 place and put it above those).
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Yesterday at 05:28 PM
Yesterday I went to bed at 5:31 and got up at 14:26. I deleted one picture and started the anti-virus, washed my bedding except the duvet, checked one thing, checked Windows for updates (0), played Scorpion hard on Spider Solitaire Co Uk once (lost), started the Defender, cleaned my bedroom, changed one note and deleted one link, played the game once (lost), changed the place of one link and changed five notes and calculated two things, played the game once (lost), changed two notes, played the game once (lost), did one search and added one link, played the game once (lost), changed two notes and did one search and added one link, did five searches and changed one note, added one link, changed one note, started the anti-malwares, checked one thing, played the game once (lost), changed two notes and calculated five things and changed the place of six links, did one search and deleted one picture, put cuticle and nail oil on my toe nails and cuticles. It was a bad night and a very bad day.
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Home Cooking
Yesterday at 05:22 PM
I forgot yesterday to mention that there was also olive oil with the potatoes.

Yesterday I had Selection orange burst juice, water, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with two D'Italiano white bread toasts (no crusts - butter and Dora syrup), another of the cucumber and Primo tuna, Coaticook three colors ice cream, Ruffles salt and vinegar chips, white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter and one egg with the rest of the curds scrambled in the grease and butter.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.
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Yesterday at 05:19 PM
And another try!
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Yesterday at 08:49 AM
On this day in 1646 - August 19th - English astronomer John Flamsteed was born.

Flamsteed was the first Astronomer Royal at the Royal Observatory Greenwich and his star atlas was the standard for a nearly a century.
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08/19/18 11:06 AM
Hubble image of globular cluster Messier 79 which is 41,000 light years away in the constellation Lepus (the Hare). It contains about 150,000 stars whose mutual gravity pulls them together into a somewhat spherical shape. Clusters like this contain some of the oldest stars in the Galaxy, some nearly 12 billion years old.

Most of the bright blue stars have used up their hydrogen fuel and are fusing helium which releases more energy and makes them hotter. The reddish stars are giants in their final states of life. The yellow stars are similar to the Sun.

Pierre Méchain discovered the cluster in 1780 and reported it to Charles Messier, who included it in his catalog. Several years later, William Herschel with his large telescope resolved the stars in M79, and described it as a “globular star cluster.”

Credit: NASA and ESA
Acknowledgment: S. Djorgovski (Caltech) and F. Ferraro (University of Bologna)
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by Nancy Roussy. Inspiration
08/20/18 05:28 PM
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