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37 minutes ago
On this day in 1850 - July 17th - John Adams Whipple took the first stellar photograph.

The photo was taken of the star Vega at the Harvard College Observatory in the USA..
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41 minutes ago
We've had the just-barely solar eclipse. On July 27th, the lunar eclipse happens.

Imagine the horror: Something is eating the Moon, leaving its face covered in blood. This was how people once viewed lunar eclipses. Find out what actually causes a lunar eclipse, why the Moon may turn red during an eclipse, and where a lunar eclipse becomes a solar eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses
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4 hours ago
Saw a small spider in front of this room this morning, mom got it. I am about to start my night routine and hopefully I won't see any other spider!
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Self Development
6 hours ago
I always liked him too but never really watched him until last year in August when I started to only visit The Liberty Hound on Youtube for my news and almost all of their videos are of him and I really fast developed a crush but before I realised that my impression that he was nice and a real journalist was right. I started watching him by day (with all the channels i visit i basically get almost everything) soon after, it took a while first but by February I was done getting all the days together so started watching more and more.

I of course do not agree with all his views and there are a few of his interviews (the worst was [from i think september] when he interviewed a satanist where he was completely unprofessional) I do not like or at least some parts of but nobody is perfect and if you dislike or hate anyone you do not fully agree with you for sure will not have anyone in your life and certainly not idolise anyone!
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Yesterday at 09:58 PM
The biggest moon in the Solar System is Jupiter's moon Ganymede. It's even bigger than the planet Mercury, though Mercury is denser. Here is a comparison between some of the larger Solar System moons.
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Computer - Console Gaming Help
Yesterday at 04:25 PM
Balloon Fight, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Metroid and Duck Hunt.
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Yesterday at 02:32 PM
Yesterday it was sunny, foggy off/on and windy.

At night it was windy.

It was windy when I went to bed.

When I got up it was partly cloudy and windy.
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Yesterday at 02:25 PM
Yesterday I went to bed at 0:25 and got up at 10:37. I added one picture and checked one thing, started the anti-virus, checked Windows for updates (1), changed one note and deleted one link, added one picture and checked one thing and calculated one thing and changed one note, added one picture and changed the place of three links and changed four notes and calculated one thing and wrote one note and erased one note, played Yukon on the first version of Pyramid Solitaire once, started the Defender, changed one note and deleted one link, played the game once, changed the place of one link and changed two notes and did one search and added one link and calculated one thing and checked eight things, added one picture and changed one note and changed the place of two links and did one search, changed one note and deleted one link and did one search and added one link and calculated two things and changed the place of seven links and checked twelve things, changed the place of two links, played the game twice, changed one note and deleted one link, added one picture and changed two notes, added one picture and calculated three things and did one search and deleted seven pictures, did one search, changed the place of three links, changed one note and deleted one link, calculated one thing and added six pictures, played the game five times, calculated one thing and added three pictures and changed two notes and changed the place of two links, changed one note, changed one note and deleted one link, calculated one thing and checked one thing and changed one note, added one picture, changed one note and deleted one link, changed one note and started the anti-malwares, added one picture, changed six notes and added one link and checked one thing and calculated three things, deleted one picture (had to put it back then delete it again thanks to my computer), put cuticle and nail oil on my toe nails and cuticles. It was an horrible night and a very bad day.
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Low Carb
Yesterday at 02:15 PM
Yesterday I had Compliments fruit punch, water, Pepsi and Ginger Ale with one Pom english muffin (butter), the rest of the cucumber and white uncooked potatoes pan fried in butter, more candies, No Name pretzel sticks, Frank all dressed chips, some of the macaroni leftovers and white uncooked potatoes pan fried in the grease and butter and one egg scrambled in the grease and butter.

I also took Adult Essentials complete vitamin gummies for women.
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Yesterday at 02:12 PM
I do not remember my dreams.
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Yesterday at 06:48 AM
Cranes, the largest flying birds on earth migrates from the altitude of Tibet, Mongolia and Siberia to the southern planes of the Himalayas during the winder. Watching the Demoiselle cranes, Common cranes, and the endangered Siberian cranes crossing the Himalayas attracts bird experts from around the globe.
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Business Owners
Yesterday at 06:25 AM
I run homestay / airbnb home and a small tour company organising Himalayan tours of Nepal Tibet Bhutan. My husband and brother helps me.

I come from the foothills of Annapurna Himalaya in Nepal. So we grow up sort of trekking and exploring there region. So my passion became my occupation and business. Most of my clients stay in my homestay and go on a trek or tour. This is very local and exclusive experience for the people which refers me more clients.

I will love to help anyone out here if they need suggestion on hosting guests in their spare room / house or doing tourism related business.
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Business Owners
Yesterday at 06:15 AM
I am reading 'Mustang a lost Tibetan kingdom' by Michel Peissel. I have read 'Three cups of Tea', 'Snow Leopard', '7 years in Tibet', 'Into the thin air' in past few years. I will also read 'Buddha's warriors' as I have found it resourceful to know more about cultural revolution in Tibet.

The book I am reading now 'Mustang a lost Tibetan Kingdom' explains the place as hidden paradise, where wheels were not used and earth was thought to be flat. 'Sky burial', polyandry, Tibetan bandits, Shakya Buddhist royal family, Tibetan medicine practice, meditation caves witnessed by writer in as late as 1960es make it sound like a hidden Shangri La.
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Yesterday at 02:13 AM
[Linked Image]

Evening meditation time. Find a way to work meditation into your daily routine. It brings stress relief, better sleep, reduces blood pressure, and much more, all naturally.

I’m thinking of making a series of guided meditation videos. Let me know what topics I should cover.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday of a day lily. The bloom lasts just one day and then it’s gone forever.

Treasure each moment.
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07/16/18 08:51 PM
Carlo Rovelli on what we know of matter:
A handful of types of elementary particles, which vibrate and fluctuate constantly between existence and non-existence and swarm in space even when it seems that there is nothing there, combine together to infinity like letters of a cosmic alphabet to tell the immense history of galaxies, of the innumerable stars, of sunlight, of mountains, woods and fields of grain, the smiling faces of the young at parties, and of the night sky studded with stars.
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Computer - Console Gaming Help
07/16/18 04:43 PM
Fiction and reality; there is a huge difference between the two, when I was young which was not long ago most people were able to see the difference and those who did not were laughed at because they were wrong and idiotic which is still the case now but sadly most people are now like that instead of knowing a simple thing like the difference between fiction and reality!
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07/16/18 03:51 PM

This article is all about my favorite tools and cleaners that I use in my own home with my own family. I will share what they are and why I love them.

Favorite Cleaning Tools and Cleaners

What are some of your favorite cleaners and tools?

Make it a great one!
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07/15/18 10:25 PM
Angie, thanks for letting me know about this. I've searched and found something on Twitter. They're lovely pictures by some talented children and young people.
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07/15/18 04:39 PM
Local Yarn Shops are treasures. Where is yours, and why do you like it?
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07/15/18 04:33 PM
Have you tried this pose? What's your experience?
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Christian Living
07/15/18 12:05 AM
A living faith draws us toward worship never pushes away.

Living Faith versus Religion
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Short Stories
07/14/18 11:36 PM
Maeve Binchy Bio and Story Review
Ireland native, Anne Maeve Binchy, used her creativity to look at and write about people and their daily goings-on. Such can be found in her short story, "A Tactful Conversation". A review of this story follows Binchy's mini bio.
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07/14/18 02:54 PM

If you love your sandwiches as much as I do, you deserve a real sandwich meal. These yummy candy treats are a perfect ending to that tasty sandwich meal. Store the little bits of deliciousness in the freezer, and pull them out as-needed. Mmmmmm!

I like to save money on food. Buying several kinds of candy for dessert plates can be expensive. My White Fudge Recipe can yield quite a few unique types of candy, just by changing the add-ins and coatings. A sandwich can stand alone, but adding a small sweet treat can enhance your sandwich meal.

White Fudge Candy Recipes
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07/14/18 02:51 PM
Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, but there is still time to encourage summer reading. Here are some ideas to add pizzazz to that summer reading fun.

Celebrate the lazy days of summer with a summer reading bag for each person in your family. This doesn't need to be expensive! Inexpensive gift bags from the dollar store with gently used books fill the bill nicely!

Summer Reading for the Whole Family
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Sleep Disorders
07/14/18 01:32 AM
Tried the fifth dosage last night, took a long time to fall asleep then soon woke up (insult to injury it was with a full bladder so had to go to the bathroom) and the rest of the night was me waiting to fall asleep then sleep a short time.
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