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1 hour ago
Last night there was a full moon, this one named in some traditions as the Blue Flower full Moon. The photo was taken by Meredith Gertz in southern New Hampshire.
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13 hours ago

On this day in 2009 - May 18th - The final spacewalk to service the Hubble Space Telescope took place.

Amongst other things the astronauts installed some new instruments, made repairs to two instruments, replaced old batteries, and added new gyroscopes.
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13 hours ago

On this day in 1969 - May 18th - Apollo 10 was launched.

Apollo 10 was a dress rehearsal for the first Moon landing, testing all of the components and procedures, just short of actually landing.
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Christian Living
Yesterday at 09:38 PM
Thank you for the comments, Angie. My thoughts exactly.
You have been busy. The Holy Land trip would be amazing. I hope to go someday.
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Christian Living
Yesterday at 05:06 PM
I leave these reminders on my refrigerator.

Life is unpredictable. We face real enemies, whether at the office dealing with competition and anger, or in a home office facing self-doubt or apathy, or in the back yard facing rodents and pestilence. Use this prayer as a reminder to begin each day with the power only God supplies.

POWER for Today
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Yesterday at 09:29 AM

How does Earth compare to the Sun in size? Earth has been added to this ultraviolet image of the Sun at the correct scale. We can only see our home planet because it's labelled in big letters. It's a tiny dot that's been tucked into a solar prominence. That's the bright loop of gas that's extending outward from the Sun's surface.
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Yesterday at 09:07 AM

On this day in 1968 - May 17th - the first ESRO satellite was successfully launched.

The European Space Research Organisation (ESRO) was a precursor to the European Space Agency (ESA). ESRO-2B was the first mission controlled by teams at the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany. It was mainly intended to study X-ray and particle emissions from the Sun.
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05/17/19 08:05 PM
Do animals dream? Studies show that animals that enter REM sleep mostly likely do.

It seems obvious to me that dogs dream because our dogs have always yipped and went through running motions as they slept. Sometimes, they would growl or wag their tails. We always watched in wonder, hoping they were having pleasant dreams.

Do you think YOUR dog or cat or pet dreams?
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05/17/19 07:50 PM
I always make it a point to ask people if they can share a dream they had. I hope you will share one of yours here with us!

Meanwhile, I can share with you another dream I have had recently about a house. Houses typically represent ourselves so it was interesting that in this dream, the house was quite unusual in the floor plan. One bedroom led to another wing which you had access to only through that one bedroom, etc.

The houses in my dreams can be slightly different but for a while I was seeing a particular house. It was big with two or three stories and very large and expansive inside with many rooms. I liked to have guests and visitors over so my sisters and their families are often in my dreams in my large house. I just recall how the floor plan was different.

Sometimes, access to huge other wings of the house was limited through a bedroom and I thought that it was inconvenient even in my dream.

I suppose, this reflects how I feel: I am different. Unusual even. I love my family, even my extended family, and they are in my home and heart all the time. However, some areas of myself, while inviting and open to guests, are not easy to access.

Wow, what a boring post. Sorry.
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05/17/19 07:38 PM
What did you dream last night? Honestly, the one dream I wanted to share just faded away so quickly that now, I cannot recall it. It wasn't anything Earth-shaking but still something I wanted to share with you all to illustrate how our waking life shapes our dreams. Instead, I will share some past dreams that have stayed with me forever.

I used to dream about being adrift at sea and surrounded by sharks. They were recurring dreams, very frightening ones. But here are some possible waking life situations that might have caused me to dream about sharks:

1. I was a little girl in Hawaii where the only serious predators were sharks. After all, we lived on an island surrounded by open ocean--and sharks. We often heard shark stories. Not just myths but also real life news about people getting attacked by sharks. So, this fear of sharks was imprinted upon my young mind.

2. As I grew up, I recall reading the Reader's Digest real life stories and the ones that really scared me as a child was the ones where people were adrift at sea, surrounded by sharks. Those stories terrified me! Have you heard about the worst shark attack in military history? https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-worst-shark-attack-in-history-25715092/

So it makes sense that anything potentially threatening to my young and growing mind always appeared as sharks in my dreams.

As an adult, I am no longer fearful of sharks. I've watched a lot of science documentaries about sharks and the nature of sharks, and knowledge is power. I also don't go into the open ocean. Not out of fear but usually seasickness!
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05/17/19 07:52 AM

On this day in 1836 - May 17th - English scientist and astronomer Norman Lockyer was born.

Lockyer and French scientist Pierre Janssen independently discovered the gas helium in the light spectrum of the Sun decades before any was found on Earth.
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Attention Deficit Disorder
05/17/19 04:19 AM

With ADD or another learning disability, you can accomplish what you work hard on and what you value. In the words of Michaela LeCompte, "my message to them is, do not let that label define what we can accomplish." Go beyond your label! Accomplish your college goals.

Accomplish College Goals with ADD
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Drama Movies
05/17/19 01:40 AM
IFC Films, responsible for indie releases "Red Joan" and "Charlie Says", is launching a new subscription channel called IFC Films Unlimited. Amazon Prime will offer it as one of their video channels for a $6 monthly fee.

There are now over 200 streaming/subscription channels available. Too many?
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05/16/19 07:40 AM
Williamina Fleming - born May 15, 1857 in Dundee, Scotland

Through the vision and dedication of Edward Pickering, Harvard College had one of the world's top observatories. Pickering had a secret weapon: a team of women computers. One of them was Mina Fleming who began her employment as a housekeeper and ended it as an astronomer of international repute.

Williamina Fleming
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05/16/19 07:28 AM

On this day in 1974 - May 17th - the first geostationary satellite was launched.

SMS-1 (Synchronous Meteorological Satellite) was the first satellite in the first series of geostationary meteorological satellites. (A geostationary satellite is in an orbit that keeps it above the same part of the Earth all of the time.)
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05/16/19 07:26 AM

On this day in 2011 - May 16th - STS-134 Endeavour launched, the final space shuttle mission.
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05/16/19 03:42 AM
Trichakra, please share some of your dreams with us! And thank you, Jennichan, for your kind feedback!
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05/16/19 03:39 AM
I am replying to this many years later so I am unsure if you will read this but here are my thoughts about your question. According to neuroscience, the old belief that humans only use 10 percent of their brains is incorrect. Much of our brains remain active even during sleep.

However, there is a difference between what our conscious mind will process versus our subconscious minds. Our conscious mind deals with what is here in our physical dimension. The subconscious mind is not and therefore is unrestrained by such limitations.

When we sleep, our conscious mind sleeps, allowing our subconscious minds to reign. That is why what seems impossible is possible in our dream scenes.

It is fascinating!
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05/15/19 11:05 PM
From early spring through the start of fall, when the weather is warm and flowers abound, joyous wedding celebrations seem to happen every weekend. Although so many details need to be considered a few simple wedding accessories to sew bring a unique personal touch to this happiest of times.

Wedding Accessories to Sew
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05/15/19 09:51 PM
Perhaps like many of you, I don't always remember my dreams. There are so many that fade as my conscious mind takes over as I awaken. Last night, I couldn't get to sleep until after 3:30 am then woke up at 7 am. Tried to go back to sleep to catch a few more hours, which I managed to do, then went for a long walk.

There's only one tiny part of a dream I recall and it was a room in a house. I, along with someone else, was standing up on the loft and looking down into the living room. The whole place was white inside. I thought that a bit odd and overwhelming but it was light, bright and clean. I turned to the person next to me (it seemed like my deceased father) and I remarked about how white everything was. This actually makes sense to me.
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05/15/19 09:44 PM
My cousin's father passed away yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. My cousin told me that they both knew his time was near because he had been having "visitation" dreams or dreams of his deceased family members and friends.

He told my cousin that my mother, father and grandmother had come to visit him in a dream. It makes me feel good to know that our loving relationships continue on after death. They were preparing him to cross over. This man was a very good man, and I know he was greeted and welcomed by many.
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Drama Movies
05/15/19 08:38 PM
The Cannes Film Festival opened yesterday and of the 21 films screening in competition, four are directed by women. The director of "Atlantics", Mati Diop, is the first black female to have a film competing at Cannes. Diop said, “From a symbolic point of view, this is major, and I can’t pretend it isn’t. I am well aware of the rarity of women competing in Cannes, especially non-white women. It’s sad and still hard to believe that a black woman has never been to the competition so far, in 2019, but here we are. This is both a bitter observation because it’s time that it should stop being an exception, and at the same time, it tells us that the lines are moving.”

You can check out a clip along with a synopsis of the film here. Atlantics Clip - Mati Diop
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African American Literature
05/15/19 05:54 PM
As a book club selection, this novel will surely generate interesting discussions as there is so much to explore. However, does the basic story make for a great standalone read for the average reader? It depends on if the reader can get past its one glaring flaw.An American Marriage Book Review
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05/15/19 09:05 AM

Our Sun is bigger than most of the stars that we see in the night sky. But that's because about 75% of the stars are red dwarfs and they're too small to see without a telescope. Stars larger than the Sun can be very impressive.
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05/15/19 08:38 AM

On this day in 1718 - May 15th - Johannes Kepler discovered the simple mathematical rule governing the orbits of the solar system's planets, now recognized as Kepler's Third Law of planetary motion.

Kepler's three laws described the orbital motions of the planets in a solar system where they orbited the Sun, not the Earth.
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