I just wrote you on a post smile. I'll have to remember how to pm.

Just after the "New Bug" incident, I had a head on collusion or vice versa. Honestly it was a bit comical. I'm like, "Really?"

Let's see, lol. After that we had a group of people that somehow got into our acct. A barrage of other individuals we did work for that didn't forward payment on a house we were fixing. I swear it felt like there was a crack in the Universe and all of the evil entities crawled out and headed right for my/our zip code.

I'd go public. I have the photos and all. I just walked away and let God decide because it was getting political for the area we were in. Basically it was a waste of energy I could be using to heal. So, I did smile

Interesting, they did change some of my medical files to "unknown..." K - that's just wrong. Things are better though. We moved to TX smile

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